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Matt Serra Weighs In On PEDS In MMA

Nate Marquardt’s recent expulsion from the UFC as a result of registering elevated levels of testosterone on the eve of his UFC on Versus 4 main event bout with Rick Story has sparked a debate in MMA circles on the seriousness and prevalence of performance enhancing drug usage in the sport.

Fighters like BJ Penn and Krzysztof Soszynski have come out publicly to declare it a real problem, alleging that far more fighters are on some sort of PED than not. Following his recent appearance on TapouT Radio (props to, you can count former UFC welterweight champ Matt Serra in that growing group.

“It’s wrong man, it’s really wrong,” said Serra of PED usage. “Let me tell you something: I got to the title without doing anything. I didn’t use anything. Me and BJ Penn are in that small percentage that don’t do s**t. There’s a lot of guys that are considered legends, and they’re doing the GH and doing this and that, and it’s obvious, it’s freaking obvious.”

The colorful New Yorker explained that, beyond the competitive edge PEDs provide their users, the increased potential for serious injury to MMA competitors as a result of PED usage is a looming and very real threat.

“It’s one thing if you’re fighting for an hour, but you got 15 minutes in there. There’s certain teams out there that look like they got a freaking chemist assigned to them. It’s not that I want to judge anybody, but hey man, I’m fighting these people,” he said. “Next thing you know you’re in there fighting a guy with unlimited energy that looks like a He-Man figure. I don’t give a s**t if it’s happening in baseball, but when a guy can kick your head off, someone can get hurt. There’s a chance for serious bodily harm.”