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Randy Couture Feels Like Yushin Okami Can’t Beat Anderson Silva

Randy Couture, who has been part of plenty of great title fights in UFC history, doesn’t believe Yushin Okami has the skill set to take the middleweight title off of Anderson Silva.

Okami and Silva meet on August 27 from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at UFC 134.

“I don’t think Okami is going to be able to beat him. I don’t think he has the right skill set,” Couture said. “Although Okami is one of those kind of guys, like (Dong Yung) Kim, that makes everybody kind of off and make them look funny and they just have trouble getting off on them, I just don’t think Anderson’s going to have that trouble.

“I think he’s going to reach him, I think he’s going to finish him…in Brazil, he’s going to be very motivated to put an exclamation point on it. I don’t think Yushin Okami has the right skill set to beat Anderson.”

Okami has been training with Chael Sonnen, who was defeating Silva in their title fight before being submitted in the fifth round.

“I think we saw the blueprint with Chael Sonnen and that kind of tenacious wrestler that’s not afraid to get into the mix and take him down every chance he gets and smother him and as long as he can smother him and make him work, I think that’s what’s going to be the guy to beat him.”

Couture, a tremendous wrestler in his day, could probably show Okami a thing or two about executing that type of plan, as well.