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Rashad Evans’ Hand Wrapped During Thursday’s UFC-FOX Press Conference

It was reported directly after Rashad Evans defeated Tito Ortiz at UFC 133 that he had a sprained hand and nothing else.

Well, turns out Evans was just playing coy, as he was seen in Los Angeles on Thursday during the UFC-FOX press conference with his right hand completely wrapped and in a large cast.

“It’s pretty good. I just got three pins into the thumb, the thumb is completely broken, it’s shattered,” Evans said. “They put some pins in it to hold it together for a few weeks. I have got like four more weeks of this and then I am good to train again.

“I am actually getting pretty good with my left hand. I can text and everything now. I am starting to favor my left hand. I mean everything feels kind of wrong because left-handed people are just wrong anyway…no, I’m just kidding. Ha!”

While it’s good to see Evans still has that typical sense of humor, the injury could push his planned light heavyweight title fight back a little.

Jon Jones will defend his title against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in September, though, so the timeline for the fight is unknown.

Evans (16-1-1) is a former light heavyweight champion, having lost the title to Lyoto Machida in 2009. He has defeated Thiago Silva, Jackson and Ortiz since that loss, putting himself in the No. 1 contender spot.