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Bellator Prospect Accused Of Murder

Recently signed Bellator prospect Rasul Mirzaev continues to appear in the headlines.

This time, it isn’t for the better.

Mirzaev, a featherweight from Russian, is being accused of murder in the death of a 19-year-old student in the Russian capital of Moscow last week.

“The Black Tiger” was signed by Bellator after winning his first five fights.

The student, Ivan Agafonov, was outside a popular nightclub with friends when the incident occurred. He had with him a radio-controlled toy car and apparently used it to strike up a conversation with a woman of Mirzaev’s acquaintance.

According to a witness, the young man offered the woman a ‘lift’ in his toy car and Mirzaev interjected. Words were exchanged and Mirzaev apparently hit the young man with a left.

Agafonov lost consciousness but regained it some 15 minutes later. He went into a coma for four days before passing.

No comment has been made from Bellator or Mirzaev concerning the charge, which carries a stiff penalty as nightclub security has everything on tape.