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UFC Doing Away With Gladiator Intro

When the UFC announced it’s landmark TV deal with FOX today, they announced some major changes to their programming format.

In addition to revealing a complete revamping of The Ultimate Fighter series, UFC president Dana White also announced that the opening sequence MMA fans have become used to will no longer be a part of UFC broadcasts.

That’s right, the gladiator preparing for battle that we’ve all come to know and tolerate will soon be phased out.

“We’re gonna change everything, graphics, show openings for pay-per-views and fight nights,” said White at today’s joint UFC/FOX press conference. “We’re going to enhance the look and feel. The gladiator opening is going away.”

No longer will UFC broadcasts be prefaced by the somber, leather-clad gladiator, readying his grip by rubbing dirt on his hands.

Alas, soak in the intro to UFC 127 below and mourn the loss of the somehow-spiky-haired gladiator.