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Chael Sonnen Continues His Media Hype Tour

When you ask Chael Sonnen to give you his opinion on someone, you can expect to get a perfect response.

After UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and former light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida spoke out against Sonnen, who has been critical of Brazilian fighters, the former No. 1 contender to Anderson Silva’s middleweight strap fired back.

“Any fighter I’ve granted a private audience with has been to allow them to kiss my ring, like I’m the POPE. If Jose A (Aldo) wants a private meeting next week in Rio, I’ll grant him one. BUT…it may not be my ring he’ll have to kiss…

“News flash, Lyoto: the spotlight is part and parcel for the gig. Go join a monastery if you want to pretend that fighting is about honor or integrity. And who are you to talk about being a big man? I don’t see you changing diapers on flipper babies in Chernobyl.”

Sonnen’s quotes were in response to the following from Aldo and Machida.

“This is very annoying, because we see him in the events and he ends up marketing himself on top of others. Afterwards, if you want to know, he always apologies, I have witnessed that. Sonnen ends up disrespecting (us),” Aldo said.

“Everyone has their own way of hyping a fight,” Machida said. “My way is inside the Octagon. It’s my fight. The media gives a lot of opportunity in the virtue of MMA growth in the world and he has taken advantage of that, he knows how to market and sell himself well.”

Sonnen has said he plans to be in Rio de Janeiro when training partner Yushin Okami meets Silva on August 27. Sonnen, though, currently has a fight scheduled with Brian Stann in October, which could determine the next middleweight contender.