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Matt Mitrione Composes Farewell Letter To Mentor, Chris Lytle

On the pre-fight show for last Sunday’s UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle card, UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione joined the announcers.

Mitrione and Chris Lytle, who announced over the weekend that he would be retiring from MMA following the clash with Dan Hardy, were training partners when “Meathead” was at Lytle’s fighting academy in Indiana. The two remain close friends to this day.

Lytle went on to defeat Hardy by submission, exiting the cage in perfect fashion.

Mitrione, who is set to meet Cheick Kongo at UFC 137 in October, spoke highly of Lytle during the show, displaying a real sense of emotion, and even composed a letter expressing those feeling for “Lights Out.”

The following is that letter:

Chris Lytle –

I cannot express how happy and proud I am to know you, call you a friend and mentor. Your work ethic and gamness were something that we as a gym/team hung our hats on and everyday you made sure we kept to the standards you set.

I know you’ll be in the gym when committments don’t hold you back but I feel like I need to tell you that I promise you that I will represent Integrated with as much class, dignity and respect as you and the founders have for so long. I know Im not a posterboy for PC and I’m prone to doing dumb shit from time to time but I will carry your flag with as much integrity and pride as I can. I promise. I’ll teach what I can and continue to learn what I can until this lovely sport sends me packing.

You changed my life for the better and the interest you’ve taken in my development is more flattering and inspiring than I am able to express right now. I truly hope to show the world what you seem to see in me and if I can get close to it than I will have outperformed even my own lofty expectations. Enjoy you what you’ve worked so hard to build and while you’re out living the dream, I’ll be holding it down.

Matt Mitrione