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James Toney Calls Out “Rampage” Jackson, Talks Upcoming Bout With Ken Shamrock

James Toney, a multi-time world boxing champion who owns a 73-6-3 record inside the ring, continues to make his case for being an MMA fighter.

Toney, who was signed by the UFC last year, lost to Hall of Famer Randy Couture by submission in the first round. UFC President Dana White stated after the bout that it would be the last time Toney would fight for them.

But, that has not kept Toney from working with other companies, as “Lights Out” is set to meet another UFC Hall of Famer in November in Ken Shamrock.

The fight will be contested under unique rules, as there will be eight three-minute rounds and a ’30-second stand-up rule’ in which if the fight goes to the ground, after 30 seconds, the referee will stand both men up.

“The rules are good,” said Toney, in an interview conducted at his gym. “These rules should be in all MMA sports because the fans pay hard-earned money and they don’t want to see people lay on the ground. They want to see blood and guts, and that’s what I give them. I am going to take advantage of the new rules and knock the guy out as soon as possible.”

Toney and Shamrock were involved in an intense staredown while promoting the fight, which is scheduled to be held in El Paso, Texas.

“They try to shut me out of boxing,” said Toney, who has who has not competed in a boxing match since February of this year. “When they told me Ken Shamrock wanted to fight, and do stand-up, I asked ‘ is he committing suicide.’ I told (my management team), you want me to do it, make it happen.”

Toney has been working with Epic Sports & Entertainment in getting the organization a home. Ivaylo Gotzev is one of the main promoters.

Earlier this year at UFC 123 in Toney’s home of Detroit, Michigan, he engaged in a war of words with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who fought in the main event of the card. Toney stated that if the UFC wanted to sell tickets, they needed him, not “Rampage,” in the main event.

“Dana, I hope you see this, you know you are a (expletive). Quit protecting Quintina (expletive) Rampage,” Toney said. “All you got to do it talk to yo’ master and come holler at me boy. You are a hillbilly.”