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Ben Henderson Takes Out Jim Miller, Proves Point For WEC Fighters

Ben Henderson didn’t say much about the pre-fight talk Jim Miller made concerning the WEC fighters entering the UFC.

Instead, “Smooth” just came out and dominated a man with a seven-fight win streak and looking to become the next contender to the UFC lightweight championship.

Henderson dominated every aspect of the fight with Miller, controlling the wrestling game, landing more strikes and even busting Miller’s face up.

“Like I said, I am not much of a talker,” said Henderson, a former WEC champion. “I like to have my talking be my walking inside the cage. And I did that.”

Henderson is now 14-2 and has won 12 of his last 13 fights, falling only to Anthony Pettis last year in a bout for the WEC lightweight crown.

Many have begun to ask what is next for Henderson, as a potential fight with Clay Guida is a possibility.

“I leave that (next opponent) up to (UFC President) Dana White and (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva,” Henderson said. “I said before the fight, and I will continue to say after, it doesn’t matter if you are No. 1, No. 20 or No. 17, the idea is to continue getting your hand raised. I just want to keep getting my hand raised and get better inside the Octagon and keep improving.”

Henderson answered a question about WEC fighters winning in the UFC without saying a word. Instead, he just smiled wide and displayed a face that said it all.