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UFC Live: Dan Hardy Vs. Chris Lytle

It’s main event time, as the career of Chris Lytle comes to an end tonight. Also, the UFC career of Dan Hardy could be over with a fourth straight loss inside the Octagon.

Herb Dean will be the referee for this welterweight clash.

Round 1: Lytle with a big right that lands, followed by body shot. Hardy comes back with a 1-3 combo that connects. You can tell there is a buzz in the crowd for this fight. Hardy with a kick, but the second one gets caught by Lytle. Lytle throws another big punch and Hardy tosses a combo. Chant of USA from the Milwaukee crowd for Lytle against the Brit. Lytle a combo followed up by a kick to the chest. Lytle may have injured his hand on Hardy’s face as he winced following a punch. Lytle misses a big hook, but hits a series of punches to Hardy’s face and body. Hardy follows with a combo of his own. Neither fighter has looked to do anything by strike so far. Body punches by Lytle as Hardy backpedals. Hardy lands a big left to the face. Leg kick by Hardy to the lead leg. Another big right by Lytle connects to the back of the ear. Uppercut by Hardy countered by a hook from Lytle. Big blow the chin of Hardy rocks him for a second. Another to the chin by Lytle with a jab. scores the round 10-9 for Lytle

Round 2: Lytle comes in with a big right and a kick to the body that stuns Hardy. Powerful body punches by Lytle to Hardy, as Hardy has abandoned any signs of throwing kicks. Lytle with another body blow, but Hardy fires back and seems to have injured Lytle. A right rocks Lytle back and causes him to stagger as Hardy clinches. Knee to the body by Hardy. Hardy’s punches seem to be doing much more damage now, but he gets hit with a poke to the eye. Uppercut misses by Lytle but a knee doesn’t. Hardy just misses getting hit with a knee as he smiles at Lytle. Hardy rocks Lytle with an uppercut and follows with a knee. Hardy goes for the takedown but Lytle sprawls out and the two stand again. Right by Lytle connects and he follows with a combo. Hardy comes back with a combo of his own, including a knee that hits Lytle hard. Big right-hand hits Hardy, followed by a left that sends Hardy to the cage. Lytle to the body and adds a jab to the chin. Jab by Hardy, but Lytle fires off a kick and comes in, avoiding a knee. Right connects on Hardy’s chin once again, but the Brit won’t stop coming forward. The two exchange jabs, but Lytle nails Hardy again as the clock expires. scores the round 10-9 for Lytle

Round 3: Lytle connects with a left as another chant of USA breaks out from the crowd. Kick by Lytle, but Hardy follows up with a combo. Uppercut misses by Hardy, who has yet to throw a kick since the opening round. The two fighters are just standing and trading blows, neither giving an inch. Finally Hardy hits a kick. Lytle winding up with his punches, looking for the knockout in his retirement fight. Lytle with a combo and Hardy looks to be hurt. Lytle unable to capitalize and Hardy back bouncing around. Left by Lytle gets the face of Hardy, who goes back to the body with lefts and rights. Hardy looking to hit the left-hook. The Brit throws a knee but misses. Lytle back to the body, adds a leg kick that connects. Straight left finds its way to Hardy’s face by Lytle. Lytle swinging for the fences as a minute remains. Hardy coming strong, goes in for a takedown but Lytle grabs a guillotine and Hardy is forced to tap.

Chris Lytle defeated Dan Hardy via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:16 of the third round

Lytle was joined by two of his four children inside the Octagon as he ended his career in winning fashion.