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UFC Live: Amir Sadollah Vs. Duane Ludwig

Rob Hinds is the referee for the first fight on the main card of the evening.

Round 1: Sadollah lands with a leg kick early, as Ludwig goes to throw a pair of punches. Sadollah trying to figure out the range between himself and Ludwig, as Ludwig throws up a knee and follows with blows to the body. Sadollah trying to secure a double-leg, but the two clinch. Ludwig with a knee to the hip area and another to the chest. The two exchange knees as Ludwig backs Sadollah up against the cage. A battle of the knees, as both are tied up. Sadollah drops down and looks for a takedown. Ludwig turns it around and pushes Sadollah up against the cage. The two each land with short, quick jabs. Sadollah misses with an uppercut and Ludwig hits a head kick. Combo lands for Ludwig to the face as Sadollah misses. Leg kick lands for Sadollah, while a combo of kicks hit Sadollah on the head and the body. Sadollah eats a jab right to the mouth. Ludwig connects with a big left that rocks Sadollah, who tries for a takedown that Ludwig fights off. Sadollah also got hit behind the ear, which seems to have thrown off his balance. Ludwig lands a combo, followed by an uppercut and Sadollah is in pain. Back-to-back combos land for Ludwig, who hits with a liver punch as time expires in a fast-paced first five minutes. scores the round 10-9 for Ludwig.

Round 2: Ludwig itching to go at the start, but Sadollah connects to the face. Sadollah follows with a leg kick, and a counter-right. Ludwig just misses with a kick to the face. Sadollah more careful to engage with Ludwig, as he is hitting and moving much more. Superman punch misses by Sadollah. Leg kicks from Ludwig and exchanged by Ludwig, who nails a knee to the chest of Sadollah. Roundhouse kick misses by Sadollah. Ludwig eats a punch but fights off the takedown attempt. Counter-left working perfectly for Ludwig, as swelling is forming on Sadollah’s face. Ludwig misses a big right. Front-leg kick by Sadollah pushes Ludwig back, but “Bang” continues to punish the face of Sadollah. Left hook from Ludwig rocks Sadollah, who lands a knee to the face out of the clinch. Ludwig goes for a double-leg takedown, which Sadollah turns into control for himself. Sadollah with a knee and the two separate. Ludwig lands a pair of big punches, along with an elbow to the head. scores the round 10-9 for Ludwig.

Round 3: Sadollah comes out strong, landing a pair of punches to the face of Ludwig. Sadollah with a big double-leg takedown, but Ludwig spins out of it and they stand. Sadollah trying to take Ludwig’s legs out from under him, tries another front-leg kick. Ludwig looking a little sluggish, while Sadollah seems to have a full tank left. “Bang” fights off a takedown attempt. Ludwig takes a kick right to the face. Sadollah shoots for another takedown to no avail. Sadollah mixing up kicks and punches, as Ludwig hits a head kick. Combo misses from Sadollah, who connects with a body punch. The two exchange combos that land by each of them. Going toe-to-toe as the round winds down, with Sadollah trying to hit the counter. Ludwig shoots in for a takedown which scores. scores the round 10-9 for Ludwig

Duane Ludwig defeated Amir Sadollah via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)