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UFC Live: Kyle Noke Vs. Ed Herman

Mario Yamasaki will be the referee for this middleweight contest between The Ultimate Fighter alums.

Round 1: Noke with a big kick, but Herman follows with a right-hand. Noke goes in for the takedown, but winds up on the bottom of Herman. Noke works his way up and gets a takedown of his own. Herman looking for a submission, as he has Noke’s wrist controlled. Herman going for a triangle choke, as Herman looks to have it locked in tight. An elbow to the head by Herman to Noke. Herman goes for an armbar instead, but Noke gets out and goes to work on top with big blows to the head. Herman again working for the triangle choke, but he can’t secure the ankle of Noke. Herman with an armbar pulled through and Noke’s trying to fight it off. Noke works out again and mounts Herman, landing elbows to the head. Herman looking to lock up a leg of Noke’s, but Noke drops down to the mat. He has a heel hook locked in and Noke’s done, as he taps with his foot twisted all sorts of ugly.

Ed Herman defeated Kyle Noke via submission (heel hook) at 4:15 of the first round