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UFC Live: Karlos Vemola Vs. Ronny Markes

Rob Hinds is the referee for this light heavyweight match up.

Round 1: Vemola quickly with punches as he charges right at Markes. The two lock up on the cage, as Markes lands some inside leg kicks. Markes misses with an elbow and fights off a takedown attempt. Markes with a strong right hook that misses, and Vemola fires with a right of his own. More wild punches by Vemola, and Markes claims a takedown. Vemola works up, but Markes doesn’t let up and brings him back down, adding a couple of punches to Vemola’s face in the process. Markes continues to control things by holding Vemola to the ground and landing some good punches. A big double-leg takedown by Markes, who just won’t let Vemola get up. Vemola trying to lock in a choke, but unable to secure it he works back up to his feet. Knee to the body by Markes and Vemola tries to spin into something. Vemola jumps into a guillotine choke but the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Markes

Round 2: Vemola misses on some wild punches, but gets the single-leg takedown. Markes works right back to his feet and the two separate. Vemola connects on a big right, but Markes recovers and scores a takedown, working into an arm triangle. Markes lands some big shots to the face of Vemola. Markes with a right as Vemola stands up, and another takedown for Markes against an accomplished wrestler. Vemola works on a takedown but Markes spins it around and lands a knee to Vemola’s body. Another stiff knee to the chest as Vemola looks exhausted. Markes throwing knees to the body and thighs, controlling the wrists and bending Vemola over. Single-leg takedown with a trip by Markes. Short elbows by Markes while in side control. Elbows, knees and punches all connect by Markes as he looks to lock in a submission. scores the round 10-9 for Markes

Round 3: Vemola again fires out the gates with some big punches, but Markes doesn’t seem fazed. Markes control the left and lands a series of knees to Vemola’s body. Markes has forced Vemola to carry his weight during the majority of the match, much like Randy Couture did to Brandon Vera in their bout. Markes with another takedown and he tries to land some ground-and-pound. Short punches to the face by Markes, causing blood to start to come out from Vemola’s nose. Vemola trying to fight off the submission, but Markes is patient and now has control of Vemola’s lower-half. Markes into side control and follows with some blows to the head. Shots to the body by Markes as just over a minute remains. More punches as both men seem to be gassed, not showing much on the ground. Markes remains in side control as the round winds down. scores the round 10-9 for Markes

Ronny Markes defeated Karlos Vemola by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)