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“UFC Live: Hardy Vs. Lytle” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle. Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Now, on to the action! Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


Jason Reinhardt Vs. Edwin Figueroa

Rob Hinds is the referee for the opening fight of the night.

Round 1: Figueroa takes control early of the Octagon, forcing Reinhardt to work his way back in. The crowd starts with early booing due to the lack of activity by both fighters. Figueroa misses with a big kick. Figueroa comes in, rocks Reinhardt with a right that puts him on the ground. Figueroa locks in a choke, Reinhardt uses his strength to power out of the standing choke, allowing Reinhardt to take his back. Hooks locked in by Reinhardt, who is trying to secure a rear-naked choke with just over two minutes to go in the round. Figueroa spins out and lands a pair of big punches that connect. Inside leg kick by Figueroa lands and Reinhardt continues to back up. Figueroa on top of Reinhardt after a failed takedown by Reinhardt. Figueroa landing punches in bunches to Reinhardt and keeps pulling him away from the cage. Reinhardt looks to be hurting and is trying to just survive the round as the clock expires. scores the round 10-9 for Figueroa

Round 2: Reinhardt attempts another takedown, but Figueroa has no trouble stopping it, ending up on top of Reinhardt and begins landing elbows to the head. The referee steps in after Reinhardt fails to mount any offense, ending the fight.

Edwin Figueroa defeated Jason Reinhardt by TKO at 4:10 of the second round

Jacob Volkmann Vs. Danny Castillo

Jacob Volkmann continues his long-running joke about fighting President Barack Obama by sporting a ‘Volkmann For President’ shirt. All the members of his corner are also wearing the shirt.

Mario Yamasaki is the third man inside the cage for this lightweight bout.

Round 1: No touch of the gloves between the two, as Volkmann takes the early control of the cage. Castillo starts working on the legs of Volkmann, connecting with a solid inside leg kick. Volkmann with a quick shot in, taking Castillo to the ground. Volkmann tries to work in a choke and has Castillo’s leg wrapped up as well. Castillo works his body around Volkmann, but Volkmann keeps the choke locked in. Castillo finally slides his hand up along his bicep and gets out, landing on top of Volkmann in the process. Volkmann up and tries to lock in a standing choke. Castillo lands another big kick to the side of Volkmann and works on a double-leg takedown. scores the round 10-9 for Volkmann

Round 2: Castillo just misses with a big uppercut, landing an elbow instead up against the cage. Castillo powers his way to a takedown, but Volkmann attempts to lock in another choke. Castillo’s corner instructing him to move his head, which he does, getting out of Volkmann’s grip. The two sprawl around on the mat, trying to grab a hold of each other. The two former All-American wrestlers are really showing their mat game. Volkmann now in side control, lands a few punches to Castillo’s head. Volkmann attempting another choke right in the middle of the cage, but Castillo slips out. Volkmann again working for the choke with 20 seconds left in the round. scores the round 10-9 for Volkmann

Castillo’s corner instructing him to forget about the takedown and use his hands, as they must feel he is behind on the scorecards.

Round 3: Castillo with a pair of quick punches to the body, continuing his strong stand-up. Castillo back to working the leg of Volkmann, another sprawl results in Volkmann almost getting Castillo’s back. Leg kick by Castillo, but Volkmann with a takedown. Volkmann goes back to the D’Arce choke, which he has tried to lock in since the first round. Volkmann continues to work in the D’Arce, locking it in tight but Castillo continues to try to work his way out of it. Castillo works his way out, surviving the choke again. Volkmann right back on top, lands a pair of elbows to the head and tries to work in the D’Arce once more. scores the round 10-9 for Volkmann

Jacob Volkmann defeated Danny Castillo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cole Miller Vs. T.J. O’Brien

T.J. O’Brien enters to the always exciting “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys. Cole Miller with a fist-bump to ring announcer Bruce Buffer.

Josh Rosenthal will be the referee inside the cage.

Round 1: Both fighters with their hands locked and loaded, dancing around in the center of the cage. Each miss on their leg-kick attempts, landing with tight jabs instead. Miller nearly connects with a swooping left hook and backs O’Brien up with a front leg kick. O’Brien fires with a straight right to the body and head, and walks right through a Miller right. Leg kick by Miller lands to the lead leg of O’Brien’s. The two trade leg kicks and O’Brien lands a left. Right by Miller lands on the jaw of O’Brien and looks like he may have hurt his foot on a leg kick to Miller. Miller throws a series of jabs but misses. O’Brien forced to use his left leg as his right seems to be hurting him. scores the round 10-9 for Miller

Round 2: O’Brien comes out with a leg kick and jab, while Miller fires back with strikes of his own to the body. Jab by O’Brien connects to Miller’s face, forcing him back. Each fighter is using the front leg kick to keep their opponent from getting inside. Left connects from Miller, dropping O’Brien with a counter-left. Kicks to O’Brien’s legs while he is on the ground. Miller cranks the neck, and goes to the top of O’Brien. Miller gets the submission as blood pours from O’Brien’s face.

Cole Miller defeated T.J. O’Brien via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:20 of the second round

Miller mentions he may have broke his hand during the fight.

Alex Caceres Vs. Jimy Hettes

Jimy Hettes is replacing Leonard Garcia for this fight, making his UFC debut. Alex Caceres continues to show his entertaining side with a fun-filled entrance.

Herb Dean is the man in charge when the action begins.

Round 1: Caceres lands a quick left and the two go flying across the cage together. Caceres tries to lock in a choke but Hettes gets out and works on wrapping up the leg. Caceres gets out of the leg-lock and nails Hettes with a few punches from the top. Hettes with a takedown and control on the top. Hettes tries to spin around, but Caceres gets on top and tries to land a big hammerfist to Hettes’ head. The two fighters continue to go full-speed ahead, with Caceres landing punches and Hettes trying to get a leg submission. Hettes lands on top, as Caceres tries for triangles and chokes from the bottom. Hettes with another nice spin to get out of a triangle choke by Caceres. Great transitions back-and-forth by both fighters. scores the round 10-9 for Caceres.

Round 2: Hettes misses with a big right by lands a huge judo throw to take control of Caceres and try to lock in a D’Arce choke. Caceres works himself and his large hair out. Hettes jumps on the back but can’t lock anything in. Caceres looking for a kimura but rolls into an arm triangle as Hettes takes the back. Hettes tries to lock in a choke but can’t get control of Caceres. Caceres gets out of a pair of arm locks as the two work to their feet. Hettes with a takedown into a kimura. Hettes locks in a choke from the back and earns a win, getting the choke without ever locking in hooks.

Jimy Hettes defeated Alex Caceres by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:12 of the second round

Karlos Vemola Vs. Ronny Markes

Rob Hinds is the referee for this light heavyweight match up.

Round 1: Vemola quickly with punches as he charges right at Markes. The two lock up on the cage, as Markes lands some inside leg kicks. Markes misses with an elbow and fights off a takedown attempt. Markes with a strong right hook that misses, and Vemola fires with a right of his own. More wild punches by Vemola, and Markes claims a takedown. Vemola works up, but Markes doesn’t let up and brings him back down, adding a couple of punches to Vemola’s face in the process. Markes continues to control things by holding Vemola to the ground and landing some good punches. A big double-leg takedown by Markes, who just won’t let Vemola get up. Vemola trying to lock in a choke, but unable to secure it he works back up to his feet. Knee to the body by Markes and Vemola tries to spin into something. Vemola jumps into a guillotine choke but the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Markes

Round 2: Vemola misses on some wild punches, but gets the single-leg takedown. Markes works right back to his feet and the two separate. Vemola connects on a big right, but Markes recovers and scores a takedown, working into an arm triangle. Markes lands some big shots to the face of Vemola. Markes with a right as Vemola stands up, and another takedown for Markes against an accomplished wrestler. Vemola works on a takedown but Markes spins it around and lands a knee to Vemola’s body. Another stiff knee to the chest as Vemola looks exhausted. Markes throwing knees to the body and thighs, controlling the wrists and bending Vemola over. Single-leg takedown with a trip by Markes. Short elbows by Markes while in side control. Elbows, knees and punches all connect by Markes as he looks to lock in a submission. scores the round 10-9 for Markes

Round 3: Vemola again fires out the gates with some big punches, but Markes doesn’t seem fazed. Markes control the left and lands a series of knees to Vemola’s body. Markes has forced Vemola to carry his weight during the majority of the match, much like Randy Couture did to Brandon Vera in their bout. Markes with another takedown and he tries to land some ground-and-pound. Short punches to the face by Markes, causing blood to start to come out from Vemola’s nose. Vemola trying to fight off the submission, but Markes is patient and now has control of Vemola’s lower-half. Markes into side control and follows with some blows to the head. Shots to the body by Markes as just over a minute remains. More punches as both men seem to be gassed, not showing much on the ground. Markes remains in side control as the round winds down. scores the round 10-9 for Markes

Ronny Markes defeated Karlos Vemola by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Kyle Noke Vs. Ed Herman

Mario Yamasaki will be the referee for this middleweight contest between The Ultimate Fighter alums.

Round 1: Noke with a big kick, but Herman follows with a right-hand. Noke goes in for the takedown, but winds up on the bottom of Herman. Noke works his way up and gets a takedown of his own. Herman looking for a submission, as he has Noke’s wrist controlled. Herman going for a triangle choke, as Herman looks to have it locked in tight. An elbow to the head by Herman to Noke. Herman goes for an armbar instead, but Noke gets out and goes to work on top with big blows to the head. Herman again working for the triangle choke, but he can’t secure the ankle of Noke. Herman with an armbar pulled through and Noke’s trying to fight it off. Noke works out again and mounts Herman, landing elbows to the head. Herman looking to lock up a leg of Noke’s, but Noke drops down to the mat. He has a heel hook locked in and Noke’s done, as he taps with his foot twisted all sorts of ugly.

Ed Herman defeated Kyle Noke via submission (heel hook) at 4:15 of the first round

Joseph Benavidez Vs. Eddie Wineland

Joseph Benavidez enters to “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent, which is fitting because he owns six submissions by choke.

Josh Rosenthal will referee this bantamweight contest.

Round 1: Intensity by both fighters right from the start. Benavidez connects with a leg kick. Wineland catches another kick by Benavidez and looks to unload his right. Combo by Wineland connects. Benavidez continues to try to work the kicks while Wineland just looks ready to fire away. Some swelling forming under the eye of Benavidez, while Wineland has cut on his forehead. No solid punches connected, just short, quick jabs. Benavidez hits a combo that rocks Wineland a little and follows with more kicks. Blood leaking from the nose of Wineland’s, causing him trouble breathing. Looks to be a broken nose, as he keeps touching it. Right-hand by Benavidez connects, and Wineland misses with a combo of uppercuts. Kick checked by Wineland. Blood covering the mouth of Wineland completely, as Wineland misses with wild punches. scores the round 10-9 for Benavidez

Round 2: Wineland connects with an uppercut, as Benavidez fires back with a leg kick. Welt forming on the leg of Benavidez. Front-leg kick by Benavidez and another kick connects. Benavidez acted like he got poked but the ref doesn’t step in, saying it was a punch and Wineland is in control. The punch clearly landed directly on the eye of Benavidez. Wineland avoiding giving Benavidez the opening for a takedown, missing wildly with an uppercut. Benavidez shoots in for a single-leg, but Wineland fights it off. Takedown attempt by Benavidez misses and the two clinch. Knees by Benavidez, and Wineland lands on top of Benavidez. Both get to their feet and square off. Benavidez misses with a combo and follows with a single-leg takedown that puts Wineland on his back. Wineland fights off quickly. scores the round 10-9 for Wineland

Round 3: Wineland’s corner tells him to push the pace as heads towards the center of the cage. Wineland hits with a hook as Benavidez goes down. Looked like a combo of the punch and a slip caused Benavidez to hit the mat for a short time. Benavidez nails a big punch, sending Wineland all the way across the cage to the fence and follows with a flying knee that just misses. Wineland recovers and squares off. Right-hand by Wineland connects, as Benavidez hits a kick. Back-and-forth opening two minutes of action. Wineland connects with a counter to the kick. Benavidez fakes a takedown and Wineland sprawls. Kick by Benavidez just misses, as does a strong left jab. Head kick avoided by Wineland. Right counter lands directly on Benavidez by Wineland. Benavidez shoots and tries to work the takedown, as Wineland goes for a choke. Both sprawl out of it and prepare to throw. Right misses by Wineland, as does leg kick by Benavidez. Crowd gets into it with under 20 seconds to go, but neither fighter lands much of anything. scores the round 10-9 for Benavidez

Replays showed Wineland poked Benavidez before landing a right in the second round.

Joseph Benavidez defeated Eddie Wineland via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

C.B. Dollaway Vs. Jared Hamman

Herb Dean will be the third man inside the Octagon for this middleweight bout.

Round 1: Dollaway misses with a pair of kicks, while Hamman lands his. Dollaway trying to force his way with Hamman, takes him down and puts him up against the cage. Dollaway into full-mount, locks in an arm triangle that is in tight. Hamman trying to fight it off with his right-hand, but Dollaway isn’t going anywhere. Dollaway tightens the grip and pushes himself into Hamman, but Hamman gets out. Dollaway into mount, and follows with some big blows to the body and head. Hamman fights off a takedown attempt and Dollaway pushes him up against the cage. Dollaway takes his back, but slips off over the head. Hamman on top, delivering strikes to the body. Dollaway looking to lock in a submission but Hamman gets up, drops down with a punch and moves into side control. Hamman takes the mount and gets his back. Hamman rolls over but Dollaway takes control. Both fighters standing, going toe-to-toe, Hamman rocked but the two go to the ground and the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Dollaway

Round 2: The two exchange punches to start the round. Dollaway with a kick to the side of Hamman. Combo by Hamman connects, as Dollaway misses with a cross. Another pair of combos by Hamman and a flying knee that misses and gives Dollaway an opening. Hamman avoids the takedown and drops Dollaway with punches to the face. Hamman moves into side control as Dollaway misses a triangle choke attempt. Hamman using ground-and-pound and has landed several straight punches without much defense by Dollaway. Hamman back into side control, landing elbows to the head. Crucifix by Hamman results in more elbows that have bloodied the face of Dollaway. Hamman into full mount and coming down with punches. More blows right to the face of Dollaway as Hamman continues to control the round. Dollaway rolling under and grabs Hamman’s neck, but doesn’t have the power to do anything. Hamman with more punches as Dean steps in and stops the fight.

Jared Hamman defeated C.B. Dollaway via TKO (punches) at 3:38 of the second round

Duane Ludwig vs. Amir Sadollah

Rob Hinds is the referee for the first fight on the main card of the evening.

Round 1: Sadollah lands with a leg kick early, as Ludwig goes to throw a pair of punches. Sadollah trying to figure out the range between himself and Ludwig, as Ludwig throws up a knee and follows with blows to the body. Sadollah trying to secure a double-leg, but the two clinch. Ludwig with a knee to the hip area and another to the chest. The two exchange knees as Ludwig backs Sadollah up against the cage. A battle of the knees, as both are tied up. Sadollah drops down and looks for a takedown. Ludwig turns it around and pushes Sadollah up against the cage. The two each land with short, quick jabs. Sadollah misses with an uppercut and Ludwig hits a head kick. Combo lands for Ludwig to the face as Sadollah misses. Leg kick lands for Sadollah, while a combo of kicks hit Sadollah on the head and the body. Sadollah eats a jab right to the mouth. Ludwig connects with a big left that rocks Sadollah, who tries for a takedown that Ludwig fights off. Sadollah also got hit behind the ear, which seems to have thrown off his balance. Ludwig lands a combo, followed by an uppercut and Sadollah is in pain. Back-to-back combos land for Ludwig, who hits with a liver punch as time expires in a fast-paced first five minutes. scores the round 10-9 for Ludwig.

Round 2: Ludwig itching to go at the start, but Sadollah connects to the face. Sadollah follows with a leg kick, and a counter-right. Ludwig just misses with a kick to the face. Sadollah more careful to engage with Ludwig, as he is hitting and moving much more. Superman punch misses by Sadollah. Leg kicks from Ludwig and exchanged by Ludwig, who nails a knee to the chest of Sadollah. Roundhouse kick misses by Sadollah. Ludwig eats a punch but fights off the takedown attempt. Counter-left working perfectly for Ludwig, as swelling is forming on Sadollah’s face. Ludwig misses a big right. Front-leg kick by Sadollah pushes Ludwig back, but “Bang” continues to punish the face of Sadollah. Left hook from Ludwig rocks Sadollah, who lands a knee to the face out of the clinch. Ludwig goes for a double-leg takedown, which Sadollah turns into control for himself. Sadollah with a knee and the two separate. Ludwig lands a pair of big punches, along with an elbow to the head. scores the round 10-9 for Ludwig.

Round 3: Sadollah comes out strong, landing a pair of punches to the face of Ludwig. Sadollah with a big double-leg takedown, but Ludwig spins out of it and they stand. Sadollah trying to take Ludwig’s legs out from under him, tries another front-leg kick. Ludwig looking a little sluggish, while Sadollah seems to have a full tank left. “Bang” fights off a takedown attempt. Ludwig takes a kick right to the face. Sadollah shoots for another takedown to no avail. Sadollah mixing up kicks and punches, as Ludwig hits a head kick. Combo misses from Sadollah, who connects with a body punch. The two exchange combos that land by each of them. Going toe-to-toe as the round winds down, with Sadollah trying to hit the counter. Ludwig shoots in for a takedown which scores. scores the round 10-9 for Ludwig

Duane Ludwig defeated Amir Sadollah via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Donald Cerrone Vs. Charles Oliveira

The referee for this lightweight contest will be Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Exchange of leg kicks to start, with Cerrone landing a knee to the body. Oliveira hits with a straight punch to the face. Cerrone forcing Oliveira to the cage, but he hits Oliveira below the belt. Cerrone comes right out with kicks to the legs, hitting a combo, as well. OLiveira unable to get inside the reach of Cerrone so far, as Cerrone hits another leg kick. Front-leg kick connects for Oliveira, as Cerrone follows with a combo of a left-hook, inside leg kick. Cerrone with a big body punch, Oliveira hits the ground and Cerrone lands big blows to the body from the top, as the ref ends the fight after a flurry of punches.

Donald Cerrone defeated Charles Oliveira via TKO (strikes) at 3:01 of the first round

Jim Miller vs. Ben Henderson

Josh Rosenthal will be the third man in the cage for this lightweight contest.

Round 1: Henderson with a series of rapid-fire punches to start off the match. Miller connects with a left that backs Henderson up. Henderson with an uppercut that connects. Henderson connects up Miller clinches and nails an elbow to the face. In the clinch, Henderson hits a knee but Miller pushes off and attempts a throw that gets blocked. Knee to the body by Henderson, as Miller tries to lock in an arm triangle while standing. Miller has his body wrapped around Henderson, forcing “Smooth” to hold his weight. Miller goes to get the back, but Henderson lands on top. Miller looking for another triangle from the ground but Henderson bodies up. Knee to Miller’s body as both fighters stand. Henderson continues to work the body with knees, as Miller looks to lock in a kimura. Miller trying to lock up the kimura, but he’s unable to hold it and Henderson drops some big punches from the top. Henderson goes for his own submission, but Miller reverses into a guillotine of his own. Henderson slips out and brings down some elbows from the top to Miller. Henderson with another elbow to the head, followed by a series of them to end the round. scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Round 2: Henderson has Miller’s range worked out, landing punches and kicks at will. Miller with a swooping left that misses, as Henderson hits a pair of elbows and locks up Miller, getting the takedown. Miller bleeding from his eyes after those elbows from “Smooth.” Miller looking to lock in a submission but Henderson works out of it. Miller gets the leg as Henderson rolls through and delivers an elbow to the head and punches to the face that cause more blood to come out. Miller locks in a leg lock, pulling on Miller’s right foot and ankle. Henderson pulls out and goes back to the attack. Miller’s energy level looks spent as he tries for another heel hook that Henderson roll sout of and lands big blows to the face, including another big knee. Henderson with a double-leg takedown. Miller looking for a kimura as Henderson lands blows to the side. Miller breathing heavily from his mouth as Henderson continues to land punches to the body and face, busting up Miller’s face. Henderson nails Miller again with a flurry in the final 10 seconds. scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Round 3: Miller’s brother, Dan, told him in-between rounds he needs to take it to Henderson. Miller with a big left that Henderson walks through. Henderson moving better than Miller, hitting leg kicks and right punches with consistency. Miller trying to work into knockout-range, but gets his leg kicked out from him. Miller with a big left, as Henderson hits a leg kick but Miller counters with a punch. Henderson follows with a takedown and works for control. Henderson begins throwing big punches from the top and drops down, working his way to the back. Henderson has the back, tries putting the hooks in and goes for a rear-naked choke. Miller fighting it off hard and eats a series of punches. Henderson again going for the choke, but lets go and hits Miller with some big rights directly to the face. Miller trying to cover up as Henderson goes into side control. Henderson putting Miller up against the cage and reigns down more punches to the face. Miller just trying to survive as there is only a minute left in the fight. Miller looks for a submission but has no energy left as Henderson rolls into a guillotine choke. Henderson with a knee to the body as they stand and trade in the final 10 seconds. scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Ben Henderson defeated Jim Miller via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-26)

Dan Hardy vs. Chris Lytle

It’s main event time, as the career of Chris Lytle comes to an end tonight. Also, the UFC career of Dan Hardy could be over with a fourth straight loss inside the Octagon.

Herb Dean will be the referee for this welterweight clash.

Round 1: Lytle with a big right that lands, followed by body shot. Hardy comes back with a 1-3 combo that connects. You can tell there is a buzz in the crowd for this fight. Hardy with a kick, but the second one gets caught by Lytle. Lytle throws another big punch and Hardy tosses a combo. Chant of USA from the Milwaukee crowd for Lytle against the Brit. Lytle a combo followed up by a kick to the chest. Lytle may have injured his hand on Hardy’s face as he winced following a punch. Lytle misses a big hook, but hits a series of punches to Hardy’s face and body. Hardy follows with a combo of his own. Neither fighter has looked to do anything by strike so far. Body punches by Lytle as Hardy backpedals. Hardy lands a big left to the face. Leg kick by Hardy to the lead leg. Another big right by Lytle connects to the back of the ear. Uppercut by Hardy countered by a hook from Lytle. Big blow the chin of Hardy rocks him for a second. Another to the chin by Lytle with a jab. scores the round 10-9 for Lytle

Round 2: Lytle comes in with a big right and a kick to the body that stuns Hardy. Powerful body punches by Lytle to Hardy, as Hardy has abandoned any signs of throwing kicks. Lytle with another body blow, but Hardy fires back and seems to have injured Lytle. A right rocks Lytle back and causes him to stagger as Hardy clinches. Knee to the body by Hardy. Hardy’s punches seem to be doing much more damage now, but he gets hit with a poke to the eye. Uppercut misses by Lytle but a knee doesn’t. Hardy just misses getting hit with a knee as he smiles at Lytle. Hardy rocks Lytle with an uppercut and follows with a knee. Hardy goes for the takedown but Lytle sprawls out and the two stand again. Right by Lytle connects and he follows with a combo. Hardy comes back with a combo of his own, including a knee that hits Lytle hard. Big right-hand hits Hardy, followed by a left that sends Hardy to the cage. Lytle to the body and adds a jab to the chin. Jab by Hardy, but Lytle fires off a kick and comes in, avoiding a knee. Right connects on Hardy’s chin once again, but the Brit won’t stop coming forward. The two exchange jabs, but Lytle nails Hardy again as the clock expires. scores the round 10-9 for Lytle

Round 3: Lytle connects with a left as another chant of USA breaks out from the crowd. Kick by Lytle, but Hardy follows up with a combo. Uppercut misses by Hardy, who has yet to throw a kick since the opening round. The two fighters are just standing and trading blows, neither giving an inch. Finally Hardy hits a kick. Lytle winding up with his punches, looking for the knockout in his retirement fight. Lytle with a combo and Hardy looks to be hurt. Lytle unable to capitalize and Hardy back bouncing around. Left by Lytle gets the face of Hardy, who goes back to the body with lefts and rights. Hardy looking to hit the left-hook. The Brit throws a knee but misses. Lytle back to the body, adds a leg kick that connects. Straight left finds its way to Hardy’s face by Lytle. Lytle swinging for the fences as a minute remains. Hardy coming strong, goes in for a takedown but Lytle grabs a guillotine and Hardy is forced to tap.

Chris Lytle defeated Dan Hardy via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:16 of the third round

Lytle was joined by two of his four children inside the Octagon as he ended his career in winning fashion.