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Chael Sonnen Speaks Out On Anderson Silva Fight, Tito Ortiz

These days, it seems as if UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen has an opinion on any and every thing.

Sonnen, in a interview with Bruce Buffer for spoke out on a variety of subjects, including his last fight against Anderson Silva and the surprising comeback of Tito Ortiz.

As far as Sonnen is concerned, he finds it hard to figure out how Silva won their title fight. If you don’t believe him, just ask.

“In what parallel scoring system do you punch a man 300 times, he hits you 11 times, wraps his legs around your head for eight seconds and they declare him the winner? That doesn’t make you a winner,” Sonnen said. “In no form of society, from the jungle to the streets, does that make you a winner. I’m the people’s champion I’m the linear champion. I’m the best middleweight there’s ever been and I am the UFC’s true champion.”

Sonnen had more respect for Ortiz than nearly anyone else he has ever spoken out about.

“He’s the most decorated light heavyweight of all time. He’s assured to be in the hall of fame, and when he made his entrance that night, and that crowd erupted, the roof came off the building when Tito walked in,” Sonnen said. “I think that’s about all you need to know, that’s about all that needs to be said for Tito Ortiz.”

Ortiz was in the midst of a long losing streak and on the verge of being cut from the UFC when he caught Ryan Bader in a choke and secured the win. Ortiz went on to face Rashad Evans a week ago, falling to the No. 1 contender at UFC 133.

Sonnen is set to meet Brian Stann at UFC 136 from Houston in a bout that could decide the top contender to Silva.