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Golden Glory Boss Still Hopes For Resolution With UFC

Bas Boon, manager of Golden Glory, returned from a two-week stint in a Thai hospital and received nothing but bad news.

Four of his fighters, including then-Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem, had been released by Zuffa due to problems in how contracts were being handled.

Now, Boon is hoping to salvage what remains between himself and the UFC and get his fighters back inside the cage as quickly as possible.

“What I want to accomplish is that we all sit at the table, find a deal, and that Alistair will fight the top-three in the UFC,” the manager told in an interview this past week. “I’m not going to ask for crazy things.”

Boon mentioned that the date set for the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix semifinals was one far earlier than CEO Scott Coker had promised Golden Glory.

Overeem was unable to fight on the booked September 10 card due to a broke toe suffered in the quarterfinals. It was also later reported that he had a broken rib, as well.

Boon said he has no problems working out an exclusive deal with Zuffa – something the company is insistent on – if the offer is right.

“It should be logical that it’s worth some kind of money,” Boon said.

The exchange of money between fighters and managers also upset Zuffa and UFC President Dana White quite a bit. Boon, though, said he has no problem adjusting to the Zuffa policy if it gets his fighters back in the promotions.

For now, though, he must wait and see what the UFC says in response.

“We are ready man,” Boon said. “We regret what happened, and people had their reasons, and there was a communication error. I was two weeks in the hospital and there was a lot of mess. It doesn’t make any sense to me to start a war with the UFC.”