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Golden Glory Interested In UFC-Only Deal For Alistair Overeem

Golden Glory co-owner Bas Boon isn’t forgetting about the UFC completely.

Despite all the problems between the two over the past few weeks, including the release of four members of the Golden Glory team, Boon believes the sides can make a deal that would allow former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem to compete against the best fighters in the world.

“We just want to be able to produce great fighters and create great fights for the fans,” Boon said in a statement released Thursday. “We have no intention of co-promotion deals and are even willing to make an exclusive deal for Alistair Overeem to fight in the UFC, if the terms are right.”

Boon made mention of the problems caused by UFC President Dana White when White explained why Alistair Overeem, Valentijn Overeem, Marloes Coenen and John Olav Einemo were released due to the way payments were made between the UFC and Golden Glory.

“The payment was done how the UFC wanted,” Boon said. “I do not understand why Dana claims we did not agree? We did not have a choice and never said we would not fight in the future or that we would refuse to work like this in the future (we worked out that problem with Zuffa lawyer in Vancouver and even agreed with their new sponsor policies). Maybe there is a miscommunication and Dana was not well informed that the direct payment issue was solved and no longer an issue.”

While Boon feels it was just a mix up in regards to White, he was quick to place much of the blame on Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker.

“I introduced Scott thru a partner of mine in Los Angeles to some powerful people in the US (Scott was very surprised after this meeting and exited and mailed me after his meeting with these people how impressed he was). I never could have guessed that at the same moment I was talking to Scott to make a massive move for becoming a real competitor to the UFC, Scott was already talking with the same UFC for selling Strikeforce,” Boon said. “I trusted Scott with some business plans…the problems with Strikeforce was that we made some agreements with Scott which were creating headaches now Zuffa took over.”

It seems like every other day someone from either the UFC, Strikeforce or Golden Glory has a different take on what happened and what needs to happen to correct the releases.