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Vitor Belfort Says Knockout Blows In Akiyama Fight Not Illegal

Vitor Belfort looked as good as he ever has this past weekend in Philly, when he blitzed Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133 to score a first round TKO.

The victory bounced Belfort back from his own first round TKO loss to middleweight champ Anderson Silva and reminded everyone that he’s one of the biggest threats in the 185lbs. division. Though Belfort undeniably improved his station with the win, some have debated whether or not the strikes which sealed the deal for The Phenom were illegal.

Belfort’s assault left Akiyama slumped face down on the mat and the durable Japanese fighter absorbed a few blows while in that position. It’s been argued that some of those blows connected with the back of Akiyama’s head, thereby making them illegal, and possibly affected the outcome of the fight.

Belfort addressed that argument in a recent interview with and admitted that he did hit Akiyama in the back of the head, but that it only happened in the heat of the moment and didn’t change the ending of the fight.

“In the heat of the fight maybe a strike can go to the wrong spot, but in this fight it wasn’t the case for the knock out,” said Belfort. “The referee was very close watching everything. Looking back it was only one strike to the back of the head, the other was on the side, its a fight and things like this happen sometimes unintentionally.”