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Former Strikeforce Champion Marloes Coenen Stands By Team Golden Glory

Despite being currently out of a job, Marloes Coenen continues to stick by her Golden Glory fight team.

Coenen was one of four fights released by the UFC and Strikeforce due to problems with paying fighters under the control of Golden Glory.

Coenen, who was defeated by Miesha Tate on the July 30 card, has no plans to cut ties with Golden Glory.

“My management team has proven themselves over and over again,” Coenen said. “I’ve been with them for 10 years. If they tell me to do it a certain way, I will do it because I trust them completely.”

Coenen, along with Alistair Overeem, Valentijn Overeem and Jon Olav Einemo, were all shown the door because Golden Glory’s management team takes in the money fighters earn through their fights and proceeds to pay the fighters after that.

The UFC does not work in that fashion, and Dana White made it known that was why they were released.

“It’s not the way we do business,” White said. “It’s not how it works in the U.S. You don’t pay the manager and the manager pays the fighters. You pay the fighter, and the fighter pays the manager.”

Coenen defended the practice, and gave the main reason why Golden Glory works the way it does.

“In America, you pay taxes, but in the Netherlands, you pay a lot of tax because we’ve got the health system,” Coenen said. “That’s really good in the Netherlands. If you go to university, it’s only 1,500 Euros a year; it’s like $2,000. There’s a reason we have these high taxes, and not only do we get (deductions) straightaway in the states – we have to pay tax in the Netherlands. Of course, we have to pay our trainers and our management, as well.

“If we deposit here in the bank, it will take seven or eight weeks before we get the money. So for us, it’s way more convenient for us to have it done by the management, who will do al the tax stuff for us, and then we get the money.”

Along with the added pressure of facing Tate in the co-main event with her title on the line, Coenen had a feeling her days in Strikeforce would be ending shortly after the Alistair Overeem release.

“You hear everything,” she said. “Alistair, in my opinion, is the top heavyweight fighter in the world, and if they do something like that to him, and you know what they think about the women, yeah, well, it doesn’t make you feel that comfortable and safe.”

Coenen just returned home to Amsterdam after taking a vacation in the U.S. She is determined to remain an MMA fighter, and there is talk of her taking part on an October card put on by her management team.

There is also talk of Coenen competing on the ProElite card that is shaping up for November.