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Chad Mendes’ Hand Only Strained, Not Broken

Following his unanimous decision victory over Rani Yahya this weekend at UFC 133, Chad Mendes was worried that he had broken his right hand.

Showing clear signs of swelling, Mendes found during the fight that he was unable to close his right hand to make a fist and he mentioned post-fight that he believed it might be broken.

For Mendes, who has established himself as the number one featherweight contender, the possibility of a broken hand meant that he might not be able to face the winner of the upcoming title fight between Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian.

Fortunately for the Team Alpha Male product, is reporting that Mendes has consulted his physician and it turns out that he’s only strained ligaments in his hand and that his bones remain intact.

For his recovery, Mendes was told only to take a couple of weeks off training to allow his hand time to mend.

The 26-year-old defeated Yahya soundly despite the hampering injury and improved his record to 11-0 by doing so. The undefeated fighter has not been officially granted the Aldo-Florian winner, but he expects to face him and should be fit to do so when the time comes.