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Rashad Evans Wants To Face Jones To “Teach Him A Lesson”

Rashad Evans cemented his status as the number one UFC light heavyweight contender last night by taking out former champ Tito Ortiz in dramatic fashion in the main event of UFC 133.

He’ll face the winner of the upcoming title fight between newly-crowned champion Jon Jones and challenger Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and, even though he shares a rivalry with both men, it’s a clear choice which one he wants to face off against for the belt.

“I would prefer to get it from Jones because I would love to be the first one to beat him,” said Evans of his former training partner. “And he’s so cocky. He’s so cocky. You think I’m cocky. He’s real cocky. He’s for real cocky. Like, I’m on camera, joking around cocky. He’s like, go-to-sleep-praising-himself cocky. That’s how cocky he is.

“I would love to teach him a lesson,” continued Evans. “If he makes it past Rampage then I get a chance to do that, but like I said, he has a tough fight ahead of him. If Rampage does his work, then he could actually do something. I think Rampage should come and train at my camp for this fight.”

Evans has said that he expects Jones to keep the title against Rampage — whom Evans took out at UFC 114 — but warned that the Pride FC veteran likely won’t go down easily and definitely has a puncher’s chance against the young wunderkind.

“Jon’s a tough guy. Jon’s the champion, but I know what Jon’s weak at. He knows where I’m weak at, but we’ll see who covers those weak areas up first,” said Evans. “He has a tough fight with Rampage. Rampage does move like Frankenstein and he’s not what he used to be in some areas, but I think if he does catch him he could put him to sleep.”