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UFC 133: Ivan Menjivar Vs. Nick Pace

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 133: Evans vs. Ortiz. To access our full coverage, click here.

Keith Peterson will be the third man in the cage for this bantamweight fight.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Menjivar takes the center. Pace grabs hold of Menjivar as he digs in with hooks from the pocket. Menjivar lands a nice head kick after shaking Pace off. Good leg kick by Menjivar. Menjivar lands a nice kick to the body and then avoids a takedown. Pace lands a clean left hook to divert an overhand right by Menjivar. Menjivar sticks a hard jab. Menjivar lands to the cup with an inside leg kick and Pace takes a moment to recover. They clinch up and Pace gets Menjivar to the mat. Pace passes guard and then takes Menjivar’s back. Menjivar stands up with Pace clinging onto him. Pace goes for the rear naked choke while standing but Menjivar hangs tough and avoids it. Menjivar shakes him off. scores the round 10-9 for Pace

Round 2: Menjivar lands a pair of nice kicks, then catches one delivered by Pace and cracks him with a right hand. Menjivar staying on the outside and landing frequently with various kicks. Good front kick by Menjivar. Menjivar tags Pace with a three piece in a quick and wild exchange. Pace is slowing down, standing right in front of Menjivar, allowing him to land over and over with hard kicks. Good right hand over the top lands for Menjivar. Menjivar scores with a turning side kick. Menjivar winging some hard right hands and backing Pace into the fence. Menjivar is teeing off on Pace with knees against the fence and Pace takes a few before spinning away. Menjivar is walking Pace down and landing at will. Pace shoots for the double and gets Menjivar down with just over a minute. Pace pins Menjivar’s right arm down. They both fight for position but the round ends with Pace in Menjivar’s half guard. scores the round 10-9 for Menjivar

Round 3: They touch gloves for the final frame. Menjivar lands a glancing crescent kick, then a leg kick. Menjivar avoids a takedown attempt. Menjivar lands a good right hand over the top. Another. Menjivar attempts a trip when they clinch but Pace avoids. Menjivar landing repeatedly with leg kicks and mixing in his punches to good effect. Pace gets hit low again and they take a quick break. A minute to go and Menjivar is still working away from the outside, landing nicely with varied strikes. Pace lands a hard knee in the clinch that has Menjivar holding his eye and running away. Pace is hunting him down, swinging hard and looking to put Menjivar away as the round winds down. Pace lands a flying knee. Menjivar is holding on and moving well to keep away from Pace’s assault. scores the round 10-9 for Pace

Ivan Menjivar defeated Nick Pace via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Joe Rogan says he disagrees and the crowd seems to share his opinion.