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“UFC 133: Evans Vs Ortiz” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC 133: Evans Vs Ortiz.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As always, our live coverage of the main card is brought to you by UFC Internet Pay-Per-View on Yahoo! Sports.

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Now, on to the action! We’ll have quick match results available for you after each preliminary fight followed by live round-by round coverage of all main card bouts. Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


Rafael Natal vs. Paul Bradley

Kevin Mulhall is the referee for the night’s opening bout, which takes place in the middleweight division.

Round 1: After a brief feeling out period, Bradley charges in with a winging combination, he misses mostly but lands a glancing right hand when Natal backs into the cage. Natal starting to open up, sticking a nice jab and landing good leg kicks. Bradley’s nose is leaking. Natal is moving around on the outside, avoiding Bradley’s punches and scoring away with leg kicks and straight punches. Bradley slipping into reactionary mode. Bradley tries to grab hold of Natal, but the Brazilian repels him easily. Natal olés Bradley when he dives in for a takedown. Bradley does his best to drive into Natal and put him on the mat another time, but Natal isn’t having it. Natal goes back to work with leg kicks. Bradley lands a nice punch as the round closes, but he doesn’t attempt to follow up with anything. scores the round 10-9 for Natal

Round 2: Bradley lands a nice straight right and this turns into a brawl immediately. Bradley chases a reeling Natal across the cage and puts him on his back against the fence. Bradley teeing off with some ground and pound, but Natal gets control of his posture pretty quickly. Natal threatens with a leg lock and Bradley backs out, letting Natal to his feet. Natal lands a good inside leg kick once back on their feet. Bradley’s legs are looking a welted mess. Both men lunge in with punches, but neither connects flush. Natal is going back to work from the outside, landing leg kicks and the occasional punch. Bradley takes a moment after getting poked in the eye. They touch gloves and go back at it. Bradley drives for the takedown again and succeeds with fifteen seconds to go. scores the round 10-9 for Bradley

Round 3: Bradley tags Natal with a right that briefly drops the Brazilian to his knees. Natal recovers quickly and fires off a front kick. Bradley grabs hold of him but Natal avoids the takedown and makes him pay with knees to the body. Natal really lunging into his punch combinations, telegraphing them from a mile away. He whiffs on a spinning back fist and avoids a subsequent takedown attempt by Bradley. He stops another takedown. Bradley shoots in for the double, but still can’t get Natal to the mat. Natal lands a knee low, but the fight isn’t halted and Natal tags him with a punch when he reacts. Natal tags Bradley with another and then avoids another takedown. Natal batters Bradley’s leg. The crowd boos when Bradley presses Natal into the fence and holds position. Bradley gets poked again, but the ref misses. Bradley finally gets Natal down with over a minute to go, but Natal hits him with a hammer fist and pops right back to his feet. Bradley presses Natal into the fence again and the crowd boos more. scores the round 10-9 for Natal

Natal mentions that he thinks he may have broken his left hand.

Rafael Natal defeated Paul Bradley via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Brown vs. Nam Phan

Mike Brown again sporting one of the best walk out tunes in the game, “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Keith Peterson will ref this featherweight tilt.

Round 1: They touch gloves and take the center of the cage. Brown attempts a takedown after both throw gauging strikes and Phan avoids it easily. Brown lands a good left hook and then drives in for the takedown. He gets him down and takes his back, eventually slipping one hook in. Brown softening Phan up with punches to the side of the head. Phan eating the punches while defending his back. Phan is keeping Brown from taking his back fully, but he’s repeatedly taking short punches to the face. Both men are being methodical about positioning, but Brown is just beating Phan up now. Brown lands a few nice elbows and then starts to put some heat on his punches. Phan gets to his feet with ten seconds to go and Brown puts him right back on the mat. scores the round 10-8 for Brown

Round 2: They take to the center again and trade strikes. Brown with a good front kick. Brown gets a deep single that Phan sprawls on, but Brown is relentless, driving him into the fence. Phan keeps to his feet and eventually shakes Brown off. Good left to the body by Phan. Phan starting to land some nice punches, stringing together solid combinations. He avoids another deep single. Phan landing very nice left hooks to the body. Phan working Brown’s body from both sides now. Brown goes for the double and Phan stays upright for a bit before Brown eventually drags him down. Phan eventually gets to his feet. Brown lands a pair of cracking right hands and Phan returns fire with shots to the body. Good left hook to the head by Phan. Phan working nice, varied combinations and really landing well to Brown’s midsection. Brown tries for another takedown that Phan avoids. Brown landsa few front kicks at the end of the round. scores the round 10-9 for Phan

Round 3: They touch gloves for the last round. Phan lands a nice right hand and then puts together a slick punch combination. Phan all over Brown to start this round, putting the former champ on his heels with a volley of strikes. Brown finds his composure and begins to fight back. He fights hard for a takedown that Phan initially avoids and eventually puts Phan down on the fence. Phan gets to his feet, but Brown is on his back against the fence. Phan slips out. Brown with a nice left hook. Brown again drops for the takedown and Phan threatens with the kimura. Phan avoids but gets tagged with a left on the break. Both men tiring late, but Brown is keeping Phan’s offense stifled by threatening with the takedown constantly. Phan lands a hard left hook. Brown goes back in for the takedown and presses Phan against the cage. The crowd boos as Brown rides Phan on the fence. He can’t get him down, but he’s riding out the clock. scores the round 10-10

Mike Brown defeated Nam Phan via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Johny Hendricks vs. Mike Pierce

Mario Yamasaki will referee this welterweight contest.

Round 1: They take to the center and get right to business. Pierce lands after faking a takedown and Hendricks grabs the plum and fires home a few knees. Hendricks shoots for the takedown and Pierce avoids, now Hendricks is leaning on him against the cage. They break in the middle and Hendricks lands a nice uppercut. They trade inside leg kicks. Pierce grabs hold of Hendricks and Hendricks immediately grabs the clinch and lands a pair of knees. He misses on a trip and they break soon after. Hendricks bulls in for a takedown and gets Pierce down. Pierce gets right back up, but Hendricks stays on him and digs in with knees to the thighs before Pierce breaks away. Hendricks moves in behind a few punches and lands a good knee when they clinch. Pierce connects with an elbow on the break. Hendricks clinches again and lands two nice knees and an elbow of his own. They clinch against the fence. Pierce connects with a big elbow when they break. Hendricks landing some nice single punches. Hendricks lands another nice uppercut before the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Hendricks

Round 2: Hendricks avoids several punches by Pierce. Hendricks doing well lunging in with either punches or knees and doing good work from the clinch. Good inside leg kick lands for Hendricks. The difference so far is the variation in Hendricks’ assault. Pierce sprawls deftly a takedown attempt by Hendricks and presses his heavily bearded opponent into the fence. Yamasaki breaks them when the action stalls. Hendricks tries for another takedown behind a few punches but Pierce avoids again and puts Hendricks in a front headlock. Hendricks slips out. Another good lunging knee lands for Hendricks. They dig down and trade from the pocket for a moment. Pierce puts together a nice combo that frustrates Hendricks. Hendricks lands a nice uppercut-knee combination. Hendricks is putting together some nice combos, coming from good angles and keeping his opponent guessing. The round ends with Hendricks pressing Peirce into the cage. scores the round 10-9 for Hendricks

Round 3: Hendricks comes out hard and lands a volley of strikes. Pierce chases him down and tries to get him down against the fence, but Hendricks won’t have it and breaks away. They clinch and Hendricks works some dirty boxing. Pierce grabs the front headlock on Hendricks again, but he fights out and lands a good lead knee. Pierce trying to smother Hendricks, but he can’t get him down. They both land punches on a break and Pierce finally completes a takedown. Hendricks working from full guard, controlling Pierce’s posture. Pierce lands a short elbow or two and Hendricks lands an illegal upkick as he rolls away and yamasaki halts things briefly. Once back engaged, Hendricks lands a hard knee and they both dig in with punches. Hendricks fights hard for the takedown and works knees to the legs of Pierce while he fights for it. He doesn’t get it down before the last bell. scores the round 10-10

Johny Hendricks defeated Mike Pierce via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Ivan Menjivar vs. Nick Pace

Keith Peterson will be the third man in the cage for this bantamweight fight.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Menjivar takes the center. Pace grabs hold of Menjivar as he digs in with hooks from the pocket. Menjivar lands a nice head kick after shaking Pace off. Good leg kick by Menjivar. Menjivar lands a nice kick to the body and then avoids a takedown. Pace lands a clean left hook to divert an overhand right by Menjivar. Menjivar sticks a hard jab. Menjivar lands to the cup with an inside leg kick and Pace takes a moment to recover. They clinch up and Pace gets Menjivar to the mat. Pace passes guard and then takes Menjivar’s back. Menjivar stands up with Pace clinging onto him. Pace goes for the rear naked choke while standing but Menjivar hangs tough and avoids it. Menjivar shakes him off. scores the round 10-9 for Pace

Round 2: Menjivar lands a pair of nice kicks, then catches one delivered by Pace and cracks him with a right hand. Menjivar staying on the outside and landing frequently with various kicks. Good front kick by Menjivar. Menjivar tags Pace with a three piece in a quick and wild exchange. Pace is slowing down, standing right in front of Menjivar, allowing him to land over and over with hard kicks. Good right hand over the top lands for Menjivar. Menjivar scores with a turning side kick. Menjivar winging some hard right hands and backing Pace into the fence. Menjivar is teeing off on Pace with knees against the fence and Pace takes a few before spinning away. Menjivar is walking Pace down and landing at will. Pace shoots for the double and gets Menjivar down with just over a minute. Pace pins Menjivar’s right arm down. They both fight for position but the round ends with Pace in Menjivar’s half guard. scores the round 10-9 for Menjivar

Round 3: They touch gloves for the final frame. Menjivar lands a glancing crescent kick, then a leg kick. Menjivar avoids a takedown attempt. Menjivar lands a good right hand over the top. Another. Menjivar attempts a trip when they clinch but Pace avoids. Menjivar landing repeatedly with leg kicks and mixing in his punches to good effect. Pace gets hit low again and they take a quick break. A minute to go and Menjivar is still working away from the outside, landing nicely with varied strikes. Pace lands a hard knee in the clinch that has Menjivar holding his eye and running away. Pace is hunting him down, swinging hard and looking to put Menjivar away as the round winds down. Pace lands a flying knee. Menjivar is holding on and moving well to keep away from Pace’s assault. scores the round 10-9 for Pace

Ivan Menjivar defeated Nick Pace via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Joe Rogan says he disagrees and the crowd seems to share his opinion.

Chad Mendes vs. Rani Yahya

Keith Peterson is the ref in this featherweight bout.

Round 1: They touch gloves and get set. Mendes taking the center with Yahya circling on the outside. They trade inside leg kicks. Yahya gets clipped low and they take a quick break. They touch gloves and go back at it. Yahya rushes in to get the clinch with a volley of punches that miss and Mendes shakes him off quick. Yahya dives for a takedown that Mendes easily avoids. Yahya doing his best to grab hold of Mendes behind his strikes, but Mendes is avoiding easily, looking to land his own big shots. So far, he’s connecting mostly with leg kicks. Mendes dumps Yahya to the mat as he rushes in but doesn’t follow him down for a second. Mendes lands a digging hook to the body and then scores with a few more leg kicks. Mendes lands a good flying knee at the end of the round. scores the round 10-9 for Mendes

Round 3: Yahya rushes out again and Mendes puts him down with ease. Mendes unable to get off much offense from Yahya’s guard, but he’s avoiding the Brazilian’s attempts to set up submissions. A good left hand lands from the top for Mendes. Mendes backs away when Yahya goes for a leg. Mendes puts Yahya back down to the mat. The crowd boos while Yahya looks to set up subs and Mendes holds top position. Mendes avoids another leg lock. Mendes throws a front kick that’s caught. Yahya catches Mendes as he lunges in and knocks him off balance. Yahya is walking Mendes down now, but Mendes dumps him to the mat again. Ten seconds to go and Mendes flips over Yahya’s guard. scores the round 10-9 for Mendes

Chad Mendes defeated Rani Yahya via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Mendes says he injured his right hand at the beginning of the second; he heard it pop but he’s not sure if it’s broken.

Matt Hamill vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Big Dan is in charge for the last preliminary bout, which goes down in the light heavyweight division.

Round 1: Gustafsson moving around on the outside, while Hamill looks to control the center and walk him down. Gustafsson lands a hard right hand as Hamill tries to close the distance. Hamill sticks a hard right and Gustafsson fires back with a hard right uppercut. They clash briefly and Gustafsson lands the uppercut again. Gustafsson tags Hamill with a few consecutive punches. Hamill lands a stiff left and then a hard left hook in a subsequent exchange. Bleeding from his right eye, Gustaffson lands a one-two. Hamill goes for a half-hearted takedown and gets lit up for it. Gustafsson is hammering away with the right uppercut, but Hamill catches him with his own right hand counter. scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson

Round 2: Hamill takes the center again and Gustaffson moves around on the outside. Hamill closes the distance and they trade punches from inside the phone booth. Gustaffson lands a nice combo on the break. Gustafsson avoids a takedown attempt made by Hamill and then pours it on The Hammer with punches. Hamill’s right eye showing damage. Gustafsson lands a hard left hook-right hand combo. Gustafsson fires off several punches and ends with a kick, but Hamill covers up from most of it. The crowd starts to boo the evenly-contested fight. Hamill drops for the takedown again and Gustafsson avoids it easily. Gustafsson tags Hamill with a hard left hand and sends him reeling to the mat with two follow up right uppercuts. Hamill is trying to survive but Gustafsson is absolutely battering him with punches and elbows.

Alexander Gustafsson defeated Matt Hamill via TKO (strikes) at 3:34 of round 2

The 24-year-old Swede picks up the first finish of the night and joins Jon Jones and Rich Franklin as being one of the few people to damage Hamill badly enough to force an end to the fight.


Rory MacDonald vs. Mike Pyle

Kevin Mulhall will oversee the first bout on the night’s main card, which goes down in the welterweight division.

Round 1: They touch gloves to start the first. MacDonald takes the center. Pyle goes for a takedown and is shucked off. MacDonald catches a leg kick from Pyle and dumps him to the mat. Pyle keeps MacDonald at bay with up-kicks and gets to his feet. Pyle is denied on one takedown attempt, but succeeds on a second. MacDonald gets to his feet, but Pyle stays on him and presses him into the fence. Pyle gets him back down. MacDonald uses butterfly guard to get to his feet. MacDonald lands a good left hook off of a feint. MacDonald looks for the guillotine and Pyle rolls out of it deftly. MacDonald follows Pyle to the ground and works from his guard. The crowd boos while MacDonald throws kicks to a downed Pyle’s legs. Back to Pyle’s full guard. MacDonald landing some hard shots as they scramble. Pyle is getting teed off on here. Mulhall has seen enough and stops the fight, leaving Pyle turtled on the canvas.

Rory MacDonald defeated Mike Pyle via TKO (strikes) at 3:54 of round 1

Pyle is all kinds of wobbly; he’s pissed, too. In case anyone was wondering, MacDonald is the real deal.

Jorge Rivera vs. Constantinos Philippou

Taking a page out of Frank The Tank’s book, Philippou strolls out to White Snake’s “Here I Go Again,” with Matt Serra, Ray Longo and Pete Sell backing him up.

This middleweight tilt will be officiated by Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Rivera starts in with leg kicks. They clinch and Philippou presses Rivera into the fence, where he lands a good knee to the midsection. Philippou gets Rivera to the mat with relative ease. Philippou passes to half guard against the fence. Philippou threatens to mount and then punches Rivera in the face as he wall-walks to his feet. Yamasaki breaks them after a bit of inactivity and they set back up in the center. A good leg kick lands for Philippou before closing the distance and pressing Rivera back into the fence. The crowd grows restless. Rivera turns Philippou into the fence and they break. Rivera lands a clean one-two that staggers Philippou before he pushes him into the fence. Rivera lands a nice left hook on the break and Philippou responds with a good uppercut. Philippou pushes forward and presses Rivera into the fence as the round closes. scores the round 10-9 for Philippou

Round 2: Both men digging in and trading from the pocket. Philippou rocks Rivera with a right hand and Philippou jumps all over him, hammering away as Yamasaki warns Rivera that he’s close to stopping it. Rivera takes Philippou down against the fence and starts to tee off on him. Rivera backs off and lands a few punches before diving on Philippou’s neck. Philippou gets up and turns Rivera into the fence. Philippou bulls River back into the fence. Philippou leaning on Rivera here. Yamasaki breaks it up. In the center, Philippou lands a few punches before pressing Rivera back into the cage. Rivera turns him and lands a nice knee, then a trip. Philippou immediately rolls for the omoplata; he locks it up, but can’t figure out how to finish the move. Philippou eventually just sweeps with ten seconds to go. scores the round 10-9 for Philippou

Round 3: Philippou gets off first with a pair of punches. He lands clean again and Rivera counters with a hard knee to the body. Rivera slips and falls off of a head kick. Rivera lands a hard right that backs Philippou up, but they clinch before he can capitalize. Philippou lands a nice left hand before completing a takedown. Rivera looks to set up a triangle but Philippou postures out of it and takes Rivera’s back. Rivera gets to his feet and Philippou lands a knee. Rivera presses Philippou into the fence but the Greek reverses and returns the favor, working in some foot stomps. Yamasaki doesn’t see the foot stomps as significant offense and breaks them up. Philippou grabs the clinch behind a few strikes, but fails on a takedown and gives up top position to Rivera. Rivera leaning down on Philippou, but he’s not landing with much. Rivera is not capitalizing as much as he could from this position and Philippou gets to his feet, where he turns Rivera into the cage. Yamasaki breaks it up as the crowd boos. Ten seconds to go and Philippou lands with a pair of hard punches before tripping Rivera to the mat. scores the round 10-10

Constantinos Philippou defeated Jorge Rivera via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Brian Ebersole vs. Dennis Hallman

Ebersole sporting his chest hairrow for battle rocking a Bliss ‘N Eso track. In bikini bottoms, Hallman has “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel as his war music.

Kevin Mulhall will referee what should be an interesting welterweight fight.

Round 1: Both men come out in low stances, with Hallman quickly taking Ebersole down and taking his back. Hallman locks up the body triangle, but Ebersole fights out of it. Ebersole escapes and winds up in top position on Hallman. Halmman goes for the guillotine, but Ebersole fights out of it. Ebersole smashes a hard right hand and an elbow into Hallman’s face from his guard. Ebersole landing some hard shots while Hallman looks to get out from under him. Ebersole lands a few absolutely vicious elbows. Ebersole is teeing off on Hallman and doing some real damage with elbows and punches. Mulhall jumps in and stops the bout as Hallman gets tagged hard with two elbows and goes limp. The speedo was not enough.

Brian Ebersole defeated Dennis Hallman via TKO (strikes) at 4:28 of round 1

Ebersole wants on an all-UFC episode of Fear Factor. Joe Rogan says he’ll work on it. Keep your eyes peeled y’all.

Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Akiyama has one of the best entrances in all of MMA. He just does, don’t argue.

This middleweight co-main event will have Mario Yamasaki as referee.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Akiyama takes the center of the cage. They fire off inside leg kicks at the same time. Belfort barely misses with a high kick. Belfort tries the head kick again, but it’s blocked. Both men trying to find their range here early on. Akiyama tries for the front kick that Anderson Silva knocked him out with. Belfort drops Akiyama with a hard left hand on the top of the head. Akiyama gets up but a series of uppercuts puts him back down. Belfort beats him until he’s left face-first on the mat and Yamasaki is forced to call it.

Vitor Belfort defeated Yoshihiro Akiyama via KO (strikes) 1:52 of round 1

Belfort tells Dana White, “I’m back!” He also gives the crowd some uplifting advice to deal with this tough economy…

Belfort wants back to the belt and, very fired up, he warns anyone who steps into the cage with him.


Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz

Carrying his trademark Mexican/American flag, Ortiz walks out looking focused to “Cinderella Man” by Eminem. The pro-Ortiz crowd remains quiet as Evans makes his way to the cage to the strains of “Victory” by the Notorious B.I.G., looking mean.

Dan Miragliotta will be the third man in the cage for tonight’s main event.

Round 1: Evans comes out low and Ortiz takes the middle. He misses on a kick. Chants of “Tito” begin. Ortiz catches Evans with a left hook and Evans counters. Evans moves into the clinch behind an overhand right and Ortiz shakes him off before throwing two hard hooks on the break. Ortiz shoots in and gets Evans to the mat against the cage. Evans trying to fight to his feet and he does after a time. Evans moves in and the two begin to slug it out with Ortiz’s back to the fence. Evans gets the better of things, but Ortiz hangs tough and they clinch. Ortiz gets in some nice knees to the body. Evans with a good elbow and Ortiz returns fire with a knee that pops Evans’ head up. Evans picks Ortiz up and dumps him to the mat, where he goes to work with ground and pound against the fence. Ortiz defends well, but Evans passes to side control. Evans tries to mount but Ortiz uses the cage to better his position before the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Evans

Round 2: Ortiz a little slower and more marked up at the start of the second. Ortiz rushes in with a three piece that Evans avoids. Evans moves in behind some punches and takes Ortiz down but the HBBB grabs onto a guillotine that looks scary for Evans. Suga fights his way out and retains top position on Ortiz. Evans moves into side control. Evans gets his knee on Ortiz’s belly and starts to tee off. Ortiz covers and gives a thumbs up. Evans gets Ortiz into the mounted crucifix with two minutes to go. Ortiz frees his right arm, but Evans is all over him. Ortiz gets out of the crucifix and rolls for a leg as Evans tries to improve his position. Evans avoids and stays on top in side control. Ortiz reverses and gets to his knees. Evans throws a hard knee to the body that crumples Ortiz and Evans goes to work with right hands to a turtled Ortiz. Big Dan’s seen enough, he calls it.

The two embrace and show respect at the end of the fight. Looks like working with Tyrone Spong and the crew at Imperial Athletics has paid off for Evans.

Rashad Evans defeated Tito Ortiz via KO (knee) at 4:48 of round 2

Evans: “I’m getting my belt back.”

Ortiz gives props to Evans and says that Suga beat him at his best, no excuses. He wishes luck to Evans in his bid for the belt.

That’s it for tonight folks, thanks for tuning in!