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Chael Sonnen: I Don’t Sell Fights, I Say What I Mean

Chael Sonnen is as gritty and hard-nosed as they come. He’s given Anderson Silva his toughest title defense to date and he’s proved time and again that he’s one of the best middleweight fighters in the world.

But he didn’t get to be as popular as he is on the merit of his fighting skills alone. The former realtor and hopeful politician is best known for his trash talk, which he spews frequently and indiscriminately. Regardless of his borderline pro-wrestling style of calling people out, Sonnen explained during an appearance on’s “Fight Week” that he’s not in the business of selling fights, he just says what he means.

“I’m not in on the selling side of things. There’s a few guys that are, you know, that are actually, they’re in on the pay-per-view. You got a guy like Brock Lesnar or Quinton Jackson, there’s a few guys who actually have an interest in selling a match. I don’t like that,” said Sonnen. “I don’t even like the concept, I don’t even like to say it as we sit here now because I feel it’s dishonest. I feel if you are trying to get somebody to purchase something from you even if it’s a fight, and you misrepresented why it is you’re fighting or what the conflict is, I just find that’s dishonest. And Brian and I, again to use your words of selling a fight, we don’t have to have a conflict to sell the fight, it’s a number one contenders match. Whoever wins this bout is going to fight for the world title. And that is, again with your word, the selling feature. We don’t have to disparage either person to do that. We just find, ‘Hey, what is it that’s interesting about this match’ and that’s what it is. The interesting part is the competition itself as opposed to maybe the build up before it. But I don’t really get into that and I find it really frustrating when guys do. If you’ve got something to say and you mean it, say it. But if you don’t mean it, don’t say it. If I couldn’t bite, I wouldn’t growl.”

Check out the full video of the episode below.