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Dan Hardy: “Chris Lytle Is A Guy I Can Look Up To”

Dan Hardy is badly in need of a win.

The Outlaw has been consecutively defeated by Georges St-Pierre, Carlos Condit and Anthony Johnson and, though he somewhat miraculously was saved his spot in the promotion following his third-straight defeat, it’s very likely that he needs to defeat Chris Lytle later this month if he wants to keep his job in the UFC.

Hardy knows that and he knows that Lytle is coming not just to fight, but to win emphatically. The 29-year-old wouldn’t have it any other way though and he explained during the media conference call held to promote the fight why he’s looking forward to squaring off against Lights Out.

“I think this is the kind of fight that the fans want to see,” said Hardy. “I’m not expecting to hear any boos at any point in the fifteen minutes. It’s frustrating for me because I do this sport because I love it. I love fighting. I love the competition. I love the risk taking and the gambling and throwing punches at somebody. Two of my last three fights have been snoozefests and that’s been disappointing. I felt like I was in boring fights. The Carlos Condit fight was a good one for the first four minutes or so and then I got clipped. I want to have fun fights and for me, Chris Lytle is a guy I can look up to. He’s the kind of guy I wanna fight and I aspire to fight like, so having the opportunity to actually share the Octagon with him is an honor. I know he’s gonna bring it. I know he’s gonna test me and I know that he’s gonna try and win the fight and that’s exactly what I want, somebody that wants to get that paycheck and take it home.”

Hardy and Lytle will meet at “UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle” this August 14 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.