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With Video Footage Of Broken Rib, Overeem Proves Injuries Legitimate

It was and still is rather shocking to learn that Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem has been cut from the promotion with one fight left on his contract.

HDNet broke the news last night on Inside MMA that The Demolition Man had been dropped from the Strikeforce roster and there is still little known as to why the Dutch fighter has been let go. His release comes on the heels of his removal from the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix as a result of an injury-related scheduling conflict.

In the most recent episode of the documentary series The Reem, which showcases slices of the champions life and fight preparation, Overeem is shown being examined at a Dutch hospital, where it’s learned that he has a precarious rib fracture. Though the injury was hardly good news for the champ, it does lend credence to his story for pulling out of the GP and quells the rumors that this has all come about as a result of contract negotiations.

“I’m very happy that I now have the confirmation for my story to cancel the fight, because canceling a fight is never nice,” Overeem says after being examined. “I’m the fighter who always wants to fight. The Strikeforce [Grand Prix] is something I really wanted to win. But also, I realize that I have to be fit to fight, of course. I felt I was not fit going into training, and now this to back up my story, feels good.”

As of now, Overeem’s future is as unclear as the reasons why he’s been dropped from Strikeforce. We’ll bring you more as details surface.

Check out The Reem season two, episode five video below.