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The Pre-Fight Trash Talk Begins! Evans And Ortiz Get Heated

Well, it was only a matter of time, really.

Generally speaking, there’s hardly ever a fight that either Tito Ortiz or Rashad Evans are involved in that doesn’t end up delivering some pre-fight trash talk. Both men get riled up fairly easily and don’t take any issue with letting loose at the mouth to fluster their opponent.

Since the announcement was made that Ortiz would be filling in for an injured Phil Davis by taking on Evans this August in a rematch of their 2007 meeting (which ended in a draw, but would have gone to Ortiz had he not been docked a point for grabbing onto the fence in the second round), it’s been a waiting game to see who would fire off the first shot.

Aside from a few “big head” jokes by Evans, things have up until now remained tame between the two, but, when given the chance for some face-to-face (albeit through video), the two let loose.

“You’re gonna get crushed, as you did in the first match,” The Huntington Beach Bad Boy recently told Evans. “You thought I was strong the first time we fought? Wait til I grab hold of you right now, you’re gonna get ragdolled.”

Indignant at the thought, Suga fired back.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you really believe what you’re saying? ‘Cause if you believe that — if that’s what you really believe — this fight gonna be easier than I thought,” he said. “Matter fact, Dana, you should just pay me everything before the fight even happens. You should just give me the knockout bonus and everything right away. ‘Cause I know, if you got that mentality Tito Ortiz, you are gonna get finished. Quick.”

Check out a video of the back-and-forth below.