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Dana White Defends Criticism Of Boring Fights

UFC president Dana White usually makes no bones about calling a fight boring when he sees it that way.

In the past — most often after being asked by members of the press, but not always — White has denounced fighters for playing it safe or not leaving it all on the line and putting on a dull show as a result. Though this doesn’t always ingratiate himself to the fighters, White can at least be relied upon for his candor and is rarely seen trying to spin the story of a fight that’s already happened.

Speaking with recently, White explained himself and why he’s made a habit of calling it like he sees it in this regard, saying that his honesty over the quality of a fight has its roots in his being a fight fan first and foremost.

“Listen, I’m a fight fan. When I see a fight that I don’t like, I’m gonna tell you I didn’t like it,” said White. “Because, you know, I’m a fight fan just like everybody else. I’m not so disconnected and not the promoter that I’ve got to go out and lie to people and say, ‘You just saw a great fight! I don’t care what you say, it was exciting, it was fantastic, and you should have loved it!’ No, I’m going to say, ‘Guess what? I didn’t like it either. I thought it sucked. And I thought it was boring.’ Because I’m a fight fan, too.”