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Martin Kampmann Still Wants Second Go At Diego Sanchez

On the bench recovering from injury and unsatisfied with the recent outcomes of his fights, Martin Kampmann is in a very similar situation to fellow UFC welterweight Jon Fitch.

Both men are forced to lay back while their peers — some with which they feel they have unfinished business — move in the ranks, fight, or accept new match ups. For Kampmann, having dropped two very close consecutive decisions to Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez, the urge to get back in the Octagon and set right what he sees as wrong is biting.

Presently, the 29-year-old has his eye on a rematch with Sanchez, with whom he engaged in a bout of post-fight internet quarreling. Feeling that he won their March UFC Live meeting and that the bout delivered on the excitement, the Dutchman feels that there’s plenty of cause to book a second go-round between himself and The Nightmare The Dream The Vision.

“We had a little heated Twitter (exchange) back and forth, because he started talking a little s*** I thought… it was an exciting fight, so I’m pretty sure that people would want to see the second fight,” The Hitman recently told “I respect him, he’s a tough guy, a tough fighter, but I thought he was saying some stupid things on Twitter. He was hitting me up on his Twitter after the fight. I thought I won the fight and he thought he won it, that’s how it is, but he was hitting me up, being kind of a smartass and that kind of pissed me off so I just replied to his tweets of me. I might have called him a b****, I have to go look at it. If I called him a b****, he probably had it coming.”