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DREAM Announces New Event, Switch To Five Minute Rounds

Perhaps sensing a need to adapt after considering the less-than-stellar state of Japanese mixed martial arts, the land of the rising sun’s biggest promotional holdout, DREAM, will be reformatting their shows to feature the standard five minute round bout structure.

DREAM event producer Keiichi Sasahara recently announced that the promotion will now hold non-title fights as three, five minute round affairs and that title fights will be scheduled for five, five minute rounds. The switch sets the Japanese MMA promotion more in line with the unified rules of MMA adopted by most Western MMA promoters.

Originally, DREAM stuck to the PRIDE Fighting Championships’ fight mold of a ten-minute opening round with a five-minute follow up frame, or two five-minute follow up rounds for a title fight.

The new round structure will be put into place for the upcoming and recently announced DREAM.17 event, which is scheduled for this September 24 at none other than the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

DREAM.17 is expected to feature a featherweight bout between Shooto veterans Caol Uno and Takeshi Inoue and will also likely feature the opening round of the DREAM World Bantamweight Grand Prix.