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Chael Sonnen Admits Fallability, Says Mental Toughness Has Faltered Before

UFC middleweight fighter Chael Sonnen has always said that no matter who possesses more skill or technique between he and his opponent, that no one can match him in the toughness department.

However, the bombastic Oregonian recently admitted that even ol’ Uncle Chael is subject to lapses in confidence or even toughness. Sonnen, who sports a record of 25-11-1, has dropped eight bouts by submission, two by TKO and one by decision (though he remembers his record reflecting a different set of stats) and believes that most of those losses displayed a flaw in his mental game.

“I have lost 10 fights, 10 professional fights. And I was dominating every single fight, I was never in a war, it was never back and forth. And I lost every fight by submission in the second round,” said Sonnen. “All of them, and I was ahead on all the cards. And I started to look at that and said, ‘man, something’s going on here. This isn’t a physical problem.’ Physically, I’m dominating. I don’t say that to be a jerk, I was dominating the top guys out there but I would lose. And it kept happening. And I finally realized there’s something going on here that isn’t physical and I started to look into it.”

Check out the video of Sonnen’s surprising and uncharacteristic admission below.