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Chael Sonnen: Fedor’s Overall MMA Record Is 3-2

Media fire-starter Chael Sonnen recently gave an interview to on a depth of topics, but specifically he weighed-in on the upcoming Strikeforce main event on July 30, where legends of the sport Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson will meet in the cage.

When asked about how Chael sees Fedor faring in the upcoming fight, Chael responded.

“Well it’s interesting. We don’t know a lot about Fedor. He’s only had a couple of fights. His real [mixed] martial arts record is three wins and two losses. He looks like a pretty skilled guy. He’s taking on, in my opinion, the most accomplished guy that’s still competing today in Dan Henderson.”

Chael continued, citing Henderson’s accolades. “Dan’s got it done at three different weight classes. He’s beat world champions at heavyweight, world champion himself at 205, world champion himself at 185, [and] current champion at 205 [pounds] at forty years old.”

When asked if Fedor’s legacy warrants him to be considered as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, Chael continued.

“It doesn’t even warrant a comment. It’s just silly. He’s three and two, guys. If that makes you the greatest of all time, okay. He’s three and two.”

After being reminded of some of Fedor’s legendary fights and comebacks, Chael did not change his stance.

“Look guys, he’s three and two. He’s had five mixed martial arts matches. He has an official record of three wins and two losses. That’s just the truth. I’m not here trying to disparage Fedor. I’m simply telling you his record.”

The persona of Chael Sonnen continues to intrigue and enrage MMA fans across the world. Though a mainstay in MMA for the better part of a decade, Sonnen made the leap mainstream after hounding UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva in a campaign to challenge for Silva’s crown. Chael dominated the champion for nearly five rounds, but in one of MMA’s greatest comebacks, Chael succumbed to a triangle choke and forced to submit, leaving Anderson still the champ.

Chael has stated before that he considers Pride fights to have been fixed with pre-determined outcomes. Chael has cited the recent struggles of many of Pride’s legends as proof that these fighters were never as great as the public was led to believe. Sonnen likely derives this conclusion from longtime accusations toward the defunct Japanese promotion, posed mostly by former fighters and employees. It is interesting, however, that fan-favorite Emelianeko falls into Chael’s crosshairs, while Henderson, who himself garnered the majority of his own MMA accomplishments in Pride, is safe from the Oregonian’s theories.

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