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B.J. Penn’s Hatred For Nate Marquardt Continues To Grow

When former UFC champion B.J. Penn has a bone to pick, he doesn’t tend to pull any punches.

In the build-up to his clash with Georges St-Pierre, Penn was viewed as the antagonist, leading more and more fans to cheer for GSP during the contest.

Now, Penn has started a war with former UFC contender Nate Marquardt over Marquardt’s use of testosterone therapy, and, his eventual dismissal from the company.

Penn, who will meet Carlos Condit at UFC 137 later this year, and Marquardt have taken their verbal feud to Twitter recently. But, the problems have been festering for quite some time.

“As soon as I saw on the Primetime (Spike TV special used to build PPV fights) that Nate was talking about me, about knocking me out or that he could not me out and I was a crybaby and I was complaining about everything, I’ve always had a dislike for Nate,” Penn said. “Now here he is, doing his thing. Of course I’m serious about fighting Nate…I was initially supposed to fight the winner of (Rick) Story/Marquardt, because Condit didn’t fight yet and Fitch was out. I was waiting to fight the winner. I was hoping it was Marquardt. I thought Nate would have done well.”

Instead, Marquardt was pulled from his main event fight with Story and eventually cut from the UFC due to his failed tests.

Penn never made mention of Marquardt by name during interviews about what he calls “cancer on the sport” when discussing performance-enhancing users, but the subject matter was an easy one to distinguish.

Marquardt has since publicly came out and talked about his position with using testosterone therapy, and proceeded to make sure those that spoke out against him would have their chance to face him inside the cage.

For now, though, Penn can only worry about Condit and putting UFC gold back around his waist.

“I don’t even want to open my mouth…I always get in trouble for opening my mouth,” Penn said. “It’s just the UFC is doing their thing. I’m just going to lay back and let the UFC do their thing. If they want me to fight Fitch or Condit. That’s fine. Let’s do it.”

UFC 137 is expected to take place Oct. 29 from Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. A welterweight title contest pitting St-Pierre and Nick Diaz is the scheduled main event.