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Twitter Fight! Dana White, Frank Shamrock And A Reluctant Mike Swick Go At It

Social networking has become perhaps inextricably tied with mixed martial arts.

The UFC uses Facebook to air live preliminary card bouts, frequently makes announcements and holds contests via Twitter and even recently implemented incentive bonuses for fighters who make the best and most frequent use of their Twitter accounts.

One of the side effects of having most every fighter on your roster (especially considering Zuffa now owns Strikeforce) signed up to a social media outlet which allows users to quickly relay thoughts without any kind of filter is that, presumptively when they’re bored, they often call each other out and get into mini-fights over the internet.

In the latest round of Twitter fighting, UFC president Dana White and Frank Shamrock got into it, and eventually dragged Mike Swick into the fray.

It all started when a fan asked Shamrock: “One fight. One name that could bring you out
of retirement. Who would it be?”

Shamrock’s reply: “= @danawhite”

And then they were off:

White: “@frankshamrock after seeing the beatins frank has got in his last few fights I don’t blame him for wanting to fight me!!!!

“plus hes had those goofy braces on for like 7 years now and wouldn’t want to [expletive] that grill up.”

Shamrock: “anytime, anyplace.”

White: “swick has been beggin me to put a beatin on u. He thinks its a joke u do anti bully [expletive], says he never met bigr bully then u”

Shamrock: “real men fight their own battles. I watched you beat up a girl and celebrate. Swick knows the truth and so do I. Anytime bro.”

White: “u are such a [expletive] weirdo! Lol, if you are feeling all macho again after ur last man sized beatins swick is ready!”

White to Swick: “I think @frankshamrock is ready for the beatin you want to give him for being a punk bully with guys who can’t fight.”

Swick: Woa Twitter! lol @FrankShamrock I dont know anything about the truth u know that I know. “Anytime bro” to me? @DanaWhite am I fightin Frank?”

And that concludes the latest round of Twitter beef. Stay tuned for further developments.