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Jon Fitch Upset With Nick Diaz Getting Title Shot, Promises Fight With Diaz

Never a stranger to controversy, Nick Diaz has already begun making waves in the UFC’s welterweight division even before his scheduled bout with current champion Georges St. Pierre. One UFC welterweight that has taken offense at Diaz’s upcoming title match is Jon Fitch.

In a recent interview, Fitch opened up on his thoughts of the GSP-Diaz fight in a more outspoken manner than fans are accustomed to seeing. While some fans are already billing the fight as ‘title-versus-title’ or a ‘super-fight’, Fitch is quoted as saying, “I don’t value Nick Diaz’s title at all.” He goes on to state that Diaz’s “recent career is very padded” with victories over smaller lightweights and welterweights with poor wrestling skills.

When asked for predictions on the outcome of the fight Fitch picked GSP over Diaz citing GSP’s strong wrestling and Diaz’s lackluster takedown defense. He then elaborates by saying, “Nick Diaz has never been successful against average wrestlers” and that “anyone who can even wrestle a little can take him down all day long and hold him down.”

Much of Fitch’s resentment towards Diaz appears to stem from the fact that Diaz was offered a title fight against GSP while he was forced to work steadily on grinding out victories in order to get back into contention. Fitch had been considered the next contender for a title shot after stringing together a series of wins before battling BJ Penn to a draw back in February and, having lost that position, is rightfully upset.

Perhaps the combination of losing number one contender status and Diaz’s abrasive trash talking is just what Fitch needs to reignite the fire of his career.

“I’m irritated, I’m pissed off, I wanna hurt some people, I wanna finish a lot of people, and I wanna do it in style,” Fitch exclaimed. “I’m tired of being skipped over, and I’m tired of being ignored, and it’s time for me to make some noise.”

These types of statements are not characteristic of the usually soft-spoken Fitch; maybe Nick Diaz better pay attention because when asked about a potential fight with Diaz, Fitch quickly interrupted by saying, “We’re gonna fight. Me and Nick Diaz will fight.”

You can check out the full interview with Fitch by clicking here.