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Jim Miller On Fight With Ben Henderson, Melving Guillard And Wanting To Fight GSP

When Anthony Pettis was brought in ahead of him as a contender to the UFC lightweight championship, he just kept fighting and winning.

When champion Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fought to a draw, necessitating a rematch which had to be postponed, thereby creating a logjam in the division, he did the same.

Jim Miller has gone undefeated in seven consecutive fights, creating a strong case for himself being the next in line for a title shot. However, with that prospect currently lying on an undefined horizon, Miller fights on. He’ll take on former WEC lightweight champ Ben Henderson this August at UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle — threatening his status at the top of the heap — and he recently discussed that bout with, as well as his feelings on some of his peers and which fighter he would most like to face in a dream fight.

On Henderson, he said: “Every fighter is different. He’s a pretty well rounded guy and has a pretty unique style of fighting but when I’m preparing for a fight, I’m preparing myself. I’m not preparing for an individual opponent for multiple reasons. Opponents can change at a drop of a hat. I don’t like the idea of preparing for an individuals specific weakness because they might have improved on it and be a completely different fighter by the time the fight comes.”

In response to fellow top five lightweight Melvin Guillard calling him out recently, Miller said: “He’s a very dangerous fighter, he’s a tough fighter for anyone but he does have weaknesses. He has beaten some good guys and should be considered up there. The whole thing with him calling me out, it must have been a slow day in the headlines. Someone asked him if he wanted to fight me and he should say yes. He’s a tough fight for anybody.”

And when asked whom he would most like to square off against in the UFC, the New Jersey native responded: “In the division, in the UFC, there are quite a few guys I’d like to fight, including Clay and Melvin. I’d like the opportunity to fight the best and beat them. Outside the division, I’d love to fight Aoki. I have a level of respect for him because he’s phenomenal on the ground but he’s so disrespectful to other fighters, that I just want to beat him up. Overall, I’d really love to fight GSP, just to see how good he really his.”