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Rampage Doesn’t Expect Jones To Fight Him “Like A Man,” Rips Greg Jackson’s Camp

If some were worrying that they would miss out on a memorable grudge match when it was announced that Jon Jones would not be defending his belt for the first time against Rashad Evans, the developing heat between challenger-on-deck Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Jonny “Bones” should calm their minds.

As noted earlier this week, Jones and Jackson recently appeared on a local Denver radio show, The Mike and Scott Show, and though things began cordially enough, the two quickly began trading verbal jabs. Eventually, Jackson got real and took aim at Jones’ home training camp with coach Greg Jackson.

“I guarantee you Jon Jones don’t fight me like a man,” said Jackson. “Just like his boy, his old teammate Rashad. He come from a team, the (Greg) Jackson team is the most boring team out there right now. I have to say that right now. Jackson, man, y’all are some boring fighters, dog. Y’all ruining MMA for me, straight up. All these gameplans and all this stuff. GSP was the man before he started training over there with Jackson. I still like GSP but I wish he would go and do his own thing cause GSP is one of the best fighters out there, straight up. And y’all ruining MMA.”

Jackson also pledged to probe the one area of Jones’ armor which has yet to be tested: his ability to withstand punishment. The Pride FC veteran told the 24-year-old champ that he would make it a point to touch his chin when they meet this fall.

“I know your weakness, though. That thing that got that hair on it right there, that chin. That’s your weakness, homie,” he said. “Ain’t nobody ever hit you. And guess what? I’m going to tell you, I ain’t scared of you. I ain’t scared of none of the stuff you got. I done fought people your height, your Muay Thai, your wrestling, I done fought people with better wrestling, I fought Olympic caliber wrestlers. You good, homie, but you ain’t the best. I’m the best and I’m going to show you. Bow down. Polish that belt. … You real cocky and you’re going to get put in your place.”

Jones and Jackson will meet in the main event of UFC 135 this September 24 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.