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Dana White Says Machida Disrespected Anderson Silva, Who “Makes A Sh*tload Of Money”

Dana White once again remarked on his disappointment with Lyoto Machida demanding “Anderson Silva money” to face Rashad Evans at UFC 133 in a recent video interview with’s Ariel Helwani.

When asked if the two have settled their differences, White says they haven’t spoken, but thinks they both know where they stand. White said that he called Machida to fight Evans when they knew Phil Davis was going in for an MRI, and Machida “jumped right on it.” But, when he called back days later when it was confirmed that Davis would be out, he was hit with the Anderson Silva money demand by Machida’s camp.

“He’s [Anderson Silva] broke every record in the UFC, so for [Lyoto] Machida to even think that he’s even on the same level as Anderson Silva is completely disrespectful to Anderson Silva,” said White.

Helwani goes on to point out that in terms of the fighters’ salaries, which are made public by the commissions, Anderson Silva’s payout at UFC 126 and Lyoto Machida’s payout at UFC 129 were pretty similar. Helwani also noted that bonuses and “whatnot” are not disclosed and asks, “So what exactly is he talking about… Anderson Silva money?”

Dana White laughed, responding, “Apparently he knows what Anderson Silva makes… He gets paid a sh*tload of money.”