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UFC President Dana White Talks Meeting With WWE CEO Vince McMahon

As we reported yesterday, UFC President Dana White recently visited WWE headquarters a couple of weeks ago. White wrote on his Twitter that he was there speaking with WWE CEO Vince McMahon, and that he was “very cool with vince.”’s Ariel Helwani asked White for more details about the meeting in a recent interview, and White admitted that the meeting was both business and personal.

“I like Vince McMahon,” said White. “Last time we met was probably two years ago, we had breakfast in Vegas, and I just wanted to bounce some stuff off him. I wanted to talk to him so I called him up and asked him what he was doing and if I could swing by and he said ‘yeah.’ Plus I’ve never been to their headquarters before so that was pretty cool.”

When asked if the meeting was business or personal, the UFC President became a little more elusive.

“We talked about a lot of stuff,” White stated. “It was both [business and personal]. We talked about business and about other things — what they’re doing, what we’re doing — stuff like that. That’s it.”

You can check out the interview below, the portion about Vince McMahon begins at the 12:20 mark: