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Phil Davis’ Knee Not Torn, Wanted To Fight On

UFC president Dana White held a conference call today to discuss the replacement of an injured Phil Davis by Tito Ortiz in the main event of the upcoming UFC 133 fight card.

Among the things which White revealed was the fact that Davis’ knee injury was a “strain or sprain” and not a tear, meaning that Davis will recover without much fuss, but would have been unable to train striking for the better part of three weeks. As a result, White stopped Davis from fighting — despite “Mr. Wonderful’s” desire to do just that.

“Let me tell you this: Phil Davis 100 percent still wanted this fight,” he said. “And I’m like, there’s no way, kid.”

White explained that he was unwilling to risk the future of the young fighter’s career — and the UFC 133 main event, as an even later removal from the card would make it that much harder to find a replacement for Evans — by letting him forge on.

“What if he starts full training again and fully blows it out and gets hurt?,” he said. “Now, he’s going to be out for God knows how long, and we just lost the main event a week before the fight.

“Why would I want to do that to a young, up-and-coming kid?”