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Cro Cop On Sonnen: “You Can See On That Guy’s Face That He Is Limited And Stupid”

Chael Sonnen’s trash talk has a way of getting under people’s skin, especially his peers’ as he often makes inflammatory remarks about popular figures in the sport of MMA. Most recently, the controversial Oregonian drew the ire of normally-unflappable former Pride star Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic.

Having made derogatory remarks about Filipovic, his home country of Croatia and the legitimacy of the Pride Fighting Championships, Sonnen irked “Cro Cop,” who spoke with Croatian website (props to in response to Sonnen’s smear campaign.

“I never trash talk anyone and I never go low on that level. Who is that guy Chael Sonnen? I remember his face,” said Filipovic. “I’m not the first one he has targeted. The last time I was at the UFC, I asked a high-ranking high ranked UFC official is (Sonnen) really crazy or just hungry for shameless promotion? The UFC guy told me: He’s both. So that says it all. he is both a crazy person and hungry for promotion.

“…I’m not angry or anything at Sonnen, but I will say one thing, I hope nobody gets offended, I don’t want to sound disgusting… but you can see on that guy’s face that he is limited and stupid and his IQ is not higher than the size of the shoes he’s wearing. His way of communication, his idiotic rambling and mockery about legends such as Minotauro, Fedor, Wanderlei Silva and me, the people whose fame he will never reach. I can’t be mad at him because he doesn’t understand some things, like a little child. To be angry at him would be equal for me being angry at my little son who does funky things around the house all the time.”

Filipovic, who sports a record of 27-9-2 and owns one of the sport’s most exciting highlight reels, left Sonnen with a rare and thinly-veiled threat.

“This is democracy, any idiot can say whatever they want,” he said. “I just wish if he had 20 kilos (44 lbs) more, I would kick his a** so hard that the steam would be blowing out of his impolite a**. Or maybe if he comes in Croatia as a tourist one of these days, I hope to find him at the beach and have a little ‘conversation with him.'”