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Pat Barry Relives First Knockout Loss To Cheick Kongo

Pat Barry was recently involved in one of the most exciting fights of the year so far, but, unfortunately, he wound up on the wrong end of a come-from-behind knockout.

“HD” faced Cheick Kongo and was winning handily, knocking the Frenchman from post-to-post before getting a little too overzealous in looking for the finish and leaving himself open for a last-ditch right hand thrown by Kongo to land and begin the end of the night for Barry. A follow-up right hand was all it took to send Barry crashing face-first into the canvas, completely unconscious.

Barry recently relived his first knockout loss with’s Ben Fowlkes.

“I was like, this is what this feels like? First, I was having this little moment, almost like when you’re a kid and you finally get on that scary rollercoaster, like the Texas Giant that you’ve been avoiding for years and years,” said Barry. “Then you finally get on and you realize it’s not that bad. Guess what, you don’t die when you get on it. … I got knocked out, but I’m still alive. I can get up, walk around, still function. I’m okay. It’s not as bad as I thought.”

Though the outcome was far from desirable for the former K-1 kickboxer, Barry expressed a kind of relief at having been knocked out, as it’s driven the fear — and therefore some of the reluctance he felt while fighting — of getting his lights shut off from his mind.

“Every fight, I can honestly say, a part of me has held back because of that fear. So it was kind of a relief. Like, it finally happened,” he said. “Now I honestly can’t wait to get back into the next one and really go off on someone, because now I don’t have to worry about what it’s like anymore. I don’t have that fear of what’s going to happen, because now I already know.”

The loss was jarring, to be sure, but the 32-year-old Duke Roufus-trained fighter knows that that’s what can happen when you throw yourself headlong into a fight — but that doesn’t mean he’ll be altering his approach anytime soon.

“I came into that fight just fearless. Kill or be killed. That’s the sacred oath that all kickboxers take. No kickboxer wants to win a decision,” said Barry. “I’m going to knock you out or you’re going to have to knock me out. I’m coming back with my shield or on it. I’m HD, man. That’s what I do. I’m going to win all the way, or I’m going to lose all the way. I’m going to lose better than everybody.”