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Kenny Florian Hopes He Gets Next Shot At “Terror” Aldo’s Belt

Longtime top lightweight Kenny Florian recently made his debut at featherweight, where he took a hard-fought decision victory over the very impressive Diego Nunes.

With that victory and thanks to his name recognition, Florian vaulted himself to the front of the title contenders discussion in that division, which is lorded over by Nunes’ teammate José Aldo. Florian recently spoke with MMA:30, revealing his opinion of “Scarface” and his status in the division.

“I think José Aldo’s great everywhere. In my opinion, he’s one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world,” said “Ken-Flo.” “I’m a fan of his. Really, when you’re talking about the elite level, I don’t think there’s really any weaknesses. He’s unbelievable on his feet, he’s unbelievable on the ground. The guy’s a terror.”

When asked if he would be the next man to face off against the dynamic young champion, Florian admitted that he isn’t sure, but that he’s certainly hoping that’s the case — even despite Aldo’s fearsomeness.

“I’m hoping for a shot at Aldo,” he said. “I don’t know anything yet. You know, timing-wise and I think just the way it works out, I think that’s gonna be my next fight — hopefully. We’ll see. I don’t try to pick my fights, I just fight hard and hopefully they’ll give me the best guy possible. I think we’ll have an amazing fight against Jose Aldo.”