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BJ Penn Proposes Solution To Inconsistent MMA Judging

The inconsistency of MMA judging, as well as the high frequency with which controversial judges’ decisions are rendered have many speaking out on the inadequacy of officiating in the sport.

The problem — and it is a problem — has been discussed ad nauseam and the time has come for solutions to be proposed and taken into consideration. The recent implementation of monitors for judges is certainly a step in the right direction, but former UFC lightweight and welterweight champ BJ Penn has a more radical proposal to correct MMA judging.

“Get rid of the belts, get rid of the judges, first thing, right off the bat,” said “The Prodigy.” “Any fight that goes to a decision should just be an automatic draw. You get rid of the judges, get rid of the belts. The only way you can win a fight is by finishing your guy, the only way you can lose is by getting finished. You put all the guys with the most draws on the bottom of the pay scale. You put all the guys with the most wins and least losses and least draws at the top of the pay scale and you fit it down the middle accordingly. No one will want to go to decision, no one will try to fight for points because you can’t win unless you finish the guy and then we really find out who the best is.”

Check out the video below.