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Carlos Condit: “I Love Throwing Flying Knees”

Last Saturday night at UFC 132, Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit proved that his knockout win over Dan Hardy was no fluke and that he’s a legitimate threat to the welterweight title by knocking out the surging Dong Hyun Kim with a spectacular flying knee.

Many saw the bout as a tough style match up for Condit, with the idea being that Kim would take him down and smother him like most of his other opponents. The “Stun Gun” did get Condit to the mat, but the Greg Jackson-trained New Mexico native immediately swept his way off of his back. Condit believes that it’s this kind of versatility that makes him dangerous to all other welterweights in the UFC.

“I think part of my success is I’m hard to deal with in whatever position I’m in,” Condit said post-fight. “You take me down, I’m ready to fight off my back, I’m ready to pop back up, whatever the case may be.”

As for the flying knee, Condit said that it’s one of his favorite techniques and that, when the opportunity arose, he threw with abandon.

“That’s something that I’ve been practicing,” he said. “I love throwing flying knees and I just saw the opportunity and I took it. It caught him flush, dropped him and I finished with punches.”

Check out Condit’s post-fight interview below: