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Urijah Faber Feels He Earned The Win At UFC 132

Many have disputed the decision rendered in last night’s UFC 132 main event between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber, but it was such a close fight that, no matter who was declared the winner, there would be dissenters toward the judges’ verdict.

The fight was everything you could want from a championship bout, both men came to throw down, never gave up ground and never let the other hold much of an appreciable lead for long. It was thrilling and they were both rightly awarded the Fight of the Night bonus, but, though he has a fatter wallet and plenty to be proud of, Faber still believes his name should have been read the victor when the judges rendered their decision.

Urijah Faber pleaded his case for victory to’s Ariel Helwani post-fight.

“Instinctively, yeah, because you’re in a fight and I obviously didn’t get beat up beat up, you know, and I feel like I dropped him a couple of times,” Faber said when asked if he though he would be announced the winner. “As far as the wrestling, it kind of nullified itself and things like that. I’m an optimist. I felt like, yeah, I’d done enough. Three times I feel like I put him down — and that scores pretty big usually on the cards — and I took some of his best punches and walked through — I felt like I definitely had a chance in there to get the victory. It is what it is.”

Faber and Cruz have both admitted that their rivalry was a little hammed up, but Faber wouldn’t give his rival an inch when asked if he was tougher or gave a harder fight than Faber expected.

“No,” he said. “I spent some time with the guy. I know guys that he’s fought and I’ve trained with them, so I knew he was going to be very tough. But, he wasn’t tougher than I thought he was or anything. We had a great fight though.”