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Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Want To Be The Next Man To KO Wanderlei Silva

Never one to let his opinion of a rival go undeclared, Chael Sonnen spoke with Ariel Helwani of following Wanderlei Silva’s first round knockout loss to Chris Leben to whom he gave his opinion of what was quite likely the nail in the coffin regarding Silva’s MMA career.

“Well, I was cheering for Chris,” said Sonnen. “I don’t have any ill will towards Wanderlei. I hope he’s okay. He can’t do this work. This isn’t a line of work that he’s going to… he just can’t do this work. I certainly wish him well. I hope he’s okay.”

Silva came out guns blazing against Leben, but “The Crippler” stood his ground, planted his feet and swung right back. When all was said and done, Silva was trying to grapple with referee Josh Rosenthal, while clearly his conscious mind was far from the Octagon.

Helwani asked Sonnen if he was surprised by the quick finish and Sonnen took the opportunity to get at least one more verbal jab in at Silva’s expense.

“Yeah,” responded Sonnen. “The only guy that would have finished him quicker was me. …Wanderlei is going to need to do something else. I don’t have any interest in getting in there with him. I don’t want to be the next guy to force him to have a flashlight shined in his eyes.”