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Cruz: “Just Because We’re Little Guys Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Scrap”

Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber set the cage on fire in the main event of UFC 132, fighting back and forth at a blistering pace, neither man willing to give an inch.

When the dust settled from the immensely entertaining scrap, it was Cruz who was awarded the decision — which the fans in attendance and many since have questioned, but really, it wouldn’t have been a crime for this one to be ruled either way, or even a draw — and speaking post-fight, the champion explained why he felt it important to prove what the little guys bring to the table in the UFC.

“I think me and Urijah kind of set the bar for everything, the 135-pounders especially,” Cruz said. “We had something to show everyone in the world today -– that 135-pounders can headline a card, that 145-pounders can headline a card, and it will be exciting. We can compete with heavyweights, 170-pounders, everyone. Just because we’re little guys doesn’t mean we can’t scrap.”

You would think from watching the frantic pace that both men kept up throughout the fight, that they were in the same boat as Tito Ortiz, fighting for their jobs. Both men found moments of success and married the technical and gritty in what became an instant classic of a title fight, which people are already calling for to be revisited in a rubber match.

“It feels like I was in a tornado running into stuff, dressers and whatnot,” Cruz said with a chuckle. “I don’t know. My shoulder hurts. My face hurts a little bit. I don’t know. I was just going out there to scrap, and I all I knew was if I got hit, I was going to keep punching. …There’s no way to stop me. That’s the only way to think in there.”