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Nate Marquardt Is Done In The UFC, Reiterates Dana White

During his tell-all interview with Ariel Helwani on’s The MMA Hour, recently released UFC middleweight Nate Marquardt expressed hope that the UFC would re-sign him once the dust settles on the testosterone replacement therapy tangle which forced him out of the UFC on Versus 4 main event.

UFC president Dana White was asked during the UFC 132 pre-fight media proceedings his feelings on bringing Marquardt back into the fold now and was unequivocal in giving his answer.

“Nate’s done,” said White. “I’m done with Nate. Listen, Nate’s a really nice guy. He’s a really sweet, nice, humble guy, but the facts are the facts and it is what it is. It’s easier to go after a guy like Josh Barnett. He’s just callous and rude and he’s a d–k. So when he does it it’s easier to just go, you know what, f–k Josh Barnett. The difference is, Nate’s such a sweet, nice guy, but the same results.”

When asked why he released Marquardt but went to bat for Chael Sonnen over a similar snafu, White explained that it was because Marquardt has a history of PED usage and that his testosterone levels were elevated, whereas Sonnen’s were normal, but he didn’t properly disclose his usage of the treatment.

“The difference with Chael and Marquardt, is we can talk about everything in the Chael incident. We can’t with Marquardt,” said White, in reference to the more strict HIPAA laws in Pennsylvania. “I’ve seen some of the stuff people are saying. You think I’m this crazy, emotional psycho. Give me a break. This isn’t the first time. Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, give him a second chance.’ This would be like the fourth time.”

So, it looks as though Marquardt’s fighting future lies outside of the Octagon. How about the other Zuffa-owned promotion, Strikeforce, then?

“I don’t know,” said White. “Don’t even ask me about Strikeforce.”