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Dos Santos Leaves Ed Soares’ Stable For New Management

Representing most of the famed Black House team members, Ed Soares is manager to some of the most prominent and successful mixed martial artists in the world — but Junior dos Santos is no longer among them. learned today from dos Santos’ coach Luis Dorea that dos Santos will no longer be represented by Soares or his partner Jorge Guimar√£es.

“‘Cigano’ has other plans now, another way of thinking. Ed and ‘Joinha’ helped him a lot, the friendship hasn’t ended, but it was the right moment to do it,” said Dorea. “He’s young, but he has a good head. He’s setting a great structure.”

Soares also commented on the split to, explaining that he isn’t entirely sure why dos Santos chose to part ways with him, but that he wishes him the best of luck all the same.

“It’s all fine, he made his choice and it’ll be the best for his career. There was not much talking, that was it,” said Soares. “He’s the captain of his own boat, we’re just there to help him guide it the right way. We’ve done a great job, bringing him to the place he is now in a little over two years, but it’s a matter of opinion. He wants to go a different way. If that’s how he fells, God bless him on his journey.”

Dos Santos is currently preparing to challenge for Cain Velasquez’s UFC heavyweight belt, with a bout between the two likely for this November.